Why People Love Epoxy Flooring

Why People Love Epoxy Flooring

Those who are unfamiliar with epoxy flooring may wonder why it is increasing in popularity when there are so many other floorings available. However, the use of epoxy flooring is spreading because it’s affordable, sturdy, attractive, and easy to keep clean.


For a homeowner, a durable flooring which doesn’t require regrouting or waxing is ideal. A floor which is stain, spot, and odor-resistant needs even less maintenance in the long run. There is an economy in a low-maintenance floor, both in terms of product and effort. Sweeping and periodic mopping is all that is required to make epoxy flooring look great again.

Stays clean

The smooth surface of the epoxy makes it easy to clean. It repels chemicals, laundry products, automotive products, home improvement fluids, and more. Because it doesn’t have cracks, crevices or grout, there is no place for dirt to hide on an epoxy floor. The most it needs in the way of cleaning is a dust mop and occasional mopping. 

Anyone who has managed a concrete floor knows that concrete sheds dust regularly, and continues to do so for years. It may even begin to crack in places. But, when an epoxy floor is added to a garage, the concrete dust becomes a thing of the past. Those who were dealing with a layer of concrete dust on cars, tools, or anything else stored in the garage are finally free from having to deal with it. Concrete dust can also no longer get into the home through the connecting door.


A garage is a place of mishaps. A little grease from the car or laundry liquid on the floor can create a slipping hazard. But epoxy flooring won’t allow products to absorb into it, so slipping is minimized.

Also, epoxy flooring reflects more light than concrete, making the area brighter. Meaning, the potential for accidents is less when it’s easier to see hazards.


The colors and styles available in epoxy floor are fantastic. Once epoxy covers the concrete floor (including any developing cracks), it stays beautiful for years, without fading, chipping, or peeling. There isn’t another flooring option for a garage which eliminates the need for timely and expensive cleaning or maintenance. 

If you’re looking for the most economical way possible to make your garage look stunning, try epoxy flooring. It will minimize the need for cleaning the garage and its contents and create a look that will add to the appeal of your home.

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Why Not Epoxy Your Patio this Summer?

Why Not Epoxy Your Patio this Summer?

The patio is the living space which families use as a launch spot for barbecues, swimming parties, and an assortment of other outdoor activities. Therefore, it makes sense to want the patio to look as attractive as possible. 

While a homeowner often thinks of epoxy as something which should be relegated to the garage, nothing could be further from the truth! A patio is an ideal place to have an epoxy floor. Here we explain some of the reasons epoxy is a top-tier product to use for your patio and barbecue area.


An epoxy patio floor creates a clean, attractive area to entertain family and guests alike. Not only is maintenance minimal, but the available colors will make a patio look fresh and bright for all occasions. Concrete is durable, but it’s not particularly attractive, and it’s not easy to keep clean. Epoxy flooring is stronger, and cleaning is a snap.


An epoxy coating adds color and style to the patio. UV protectant can be added to the mixture to prevent sunlight from turning the epoxy yellow. It’s easy to use textured epoxy, particularly in areas where a more stable surface is desired, such as near pool areas. This texturing offers even more styles from which to choose. 

Long lasting

With regular cleaning and proper care, an epoxy floor will last for years. One of the best ways to manage the longevity of an epoxy patio is by having it installed by a pro. Not only will it come with a warranty, but it will be created by people who spend their days actively developing their expertise in the epoxy flooring industry

Does it make a difference? Absolutely. Epoxy flooring is an investment, and it’s one from which you want to get the most value for your dollar. It’s going to add value to your property and increase the comfort of your patio. Plus, it will look amazing!

If you’re considering upgrading your concrete patio, why not consider an epoxy coating?  The benefits make the cost reasonable, and it will last for years. If you have questions, we can send an epoxy expert to your home to explain the process, and all of the options epoxy floorings can include.

How to Get the Best Epoxy Flooring Results

How to Get the Best Epoxy Flooring Results

Everyone wants their epoxy flooring to look its best. After all, it’s going to last for years, so it’s essential that the product is high-quality.

As epoxy flooring installation professionals, it’s in our best interest for the customer to get the most beautiful flooring possible. For us, every job represents us and the kind of work we do. Today, we’re going to talk about how to get the best possible epoxy flooring for your home or business.

Know what you want

One of the best ways to get the epoxy flooring you want is to know what you’re getting. By looking at pictures and samples, it will give you an understanding of the product color and style. If you can see it in person, that’s even better. Once you choose your epoxy, understand that it will look unique in your situation, since factors such as lighting will affect the color. 

Talk with your flooring company and go over the area you want them to epoxy and other factors. Being on the same page is an essential part of the epoxy floor process, so it’s vital not to leave the consultation up to your spouse or business partner.

Moderate weather is ideal

If you want the floor work to be performed under ideal conditions, have the floor epoxy company do the job when the weather is between 72 and 77 degrees, which is the perfect temperature range. The reason is that epoxy flooring doesn’t ‘dry,’ it cures. Ideal conditions make for the best possible outcome, and when you spend your money on flooring which is going to last for years, it seems reasonable to want it to look its best.

Hire the pros

Pros have the tools, the experience, and the knowledge to apply to epoxy flooring installation. Some DIY enthusiasts will tell you how easy it is to do your own epoxy flooring, but the reality falls short of idealism in this case. 

Let the flooring area undisturbed

During the preparation part of epoxy flooring, the area has to be completely clean and free from all sources of contaminants. Also, each floor is unique, and, we consider it a form of artwork. 

When the flooring crew is in the process of preparing and pouring the floor, and during the curing process, every visitor brings the potential for dirt particles. These aren’t ideal for the epoxy flooring process. Once it’s finished, the homeowner or business can enjoy it for years; but before that, visitors during the installation process can make for less than optimal conditions. 

If you’re considering an epoxy flooring in your garage or any other area of your home or business, these tips will help the job go smoother and the final result will be everything you wanted.

Why Opt for Epoxy Flooring Now?

Why Opt for Epoxy Flooring Now?

The timing for home flooring projects, including epoxy flooring, and it’s cousin, polished or stained concrete, is at a premium just now. Here are some reasons this is an excellent time to consider epoxy flooring.

Better Weather

The cold weather is over, but the hot days of summer aren’t here yet. The best weather to cure epoxy is between 72 and 77 degrees. As the weather warms, we get closer to this ideal window, making this one of the two very best times of year to have epoxy flooring put in your home.

Fewer fiscal burdens

Financially this is a good time to install epoxy flooring, as well. The mad frenzy of holiday shopping is over. The worst of winter is behind us but the more massive summer electric bills aren’t in the mailbox. As a bonus, many people also use their income tax refund on home improvements, since it’s an addition to their regular income. The idea of buying something which lasts for years overrides the plan to buy a new set of tires or other short term gains.

Nicer home

One of the things which both concrete polishing, stained concrete, and epoxy flooring all provide is a gorgeous home improvement which enhances the living space for the inhabitants of the home. Whether it’s epoxy flooring in the garage or home office, or maybe even the front porch, the possibilities which epoxy flooring offers are endless. It doesn’t hurt that following the completion of these projects, they offer years of tough, durable flooring with easy minimal maintenance. Virtually no waxing, buffing, or grout cleaning is required, as a dust mop and occasionally damp mopping are all that is necessary.

No longer moving

The US population’s penchant for moving has declined steadily over the last two decades. Not only are they not moving between states, but they also aren’t even relocating across town. So, statistically speaking, unless a homeowner has their house on the market or is planning to sell it soon, it’s unlikely they will suddenly move. Millennials, in particular, are moving less than their older counterparts, not a trend one usually sees in the younger generation.

While housing costs continue to climb, the pace of building isn’t meeting it by any means, making a home an even better commodity than in years past, and making it a more worthy investment than ever before. Multi-home landlords who own dozens or hundreds of properties make the single-family homeowner a rare commodity. Those who do own a home are hanging onto them–as they well should. If you own a home, you’re one of a select group.

Whether you decide to have epoxy flooring, polished, or stained concrete, now is an excellent time of year to do it. If you’re considering one of these home projects, why not take the plunge and give us a call to set it up?

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Say Yes to Residential Epoxy Flooring!

Say Yes to Residential Epoxy Flooring!

People spend a significant amount of time in their home. Three essential components of a home are beauty, value, and ease of care. As epoxy flooring offers these traits, more Tampa homeowners are choosing epoxy flooring for more than just the family garage.

As families discover the joys of epoxy flooring, they’re asking to have it applied in kitchens, bedrooms, sunrooms, and living areas. Professionally applied epoxy flooring is a gorgeous flooring for residential use. Here are some reasons people are switching to epoxy flooring.

Clean living

People and pets can be messy, which translates to dirty floors. Homeowners want a home which has flooring that looks good, maybe even stunning. This conundrum can be resolved by applying epoxy flooring. It looks fantastic, is family friendly and easy to clean. There is nothing easier to clean than epoxy flooring.


Those who are sensitive to dust mites, mold, pollen, and pet dander suffer needlessly when these pathogens are in the home. Those with breathing issues love epoxy flooring because dirt has nowhere to hide. Unlike carpeting, which is a miniature forest of hiding places, or tile with its grungy grout, epoxy flooring won’t capture the bacteria and particulates that trigger allergies and asthma.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning is minimal with epoxy flooring. Beyond wiping up spills when they occur, a dust mop and the rare wet mop are all epoxy flooring needs. There is no need to buy expensive floor care products, either, since a little ammonia in the mop water is all that is required. For busy families, this leaves more time to enjoy one another and less time doing repetitive cleaning chores.

Strong surface

Kids and pets can be hard on floors. But, flooring which has scratches and chips doesn’t retain its original beauty. Epoxy flooring always looks good, even when junior decides to ride his scooter through the house or Dad drops his bowling ball. 


As more of our population ages, walkers and mobility scooters become more commonplace. It’s only natural for a homeowner who is thinking to the future to lean toward flooring which is slip resistant and won’t be damaged by an electric scooter. Epoxy flooring is easy to navigate for even the most mobility-compromised homeowner.

It’s an art

Epoxy flooring application is an art. We take our craft seriously and plan for every flooring job to be the most stunning work we’ve ever done. We can mix colors to make any shade combination you want. Some people choose white because epoxy is one of the few products which doesn’t ‘hold’ dirt. 

By meeting with a flooring professional, a homeowner can learn just exactly how many options are available and what the cost will be for their situation. Your home will never look the same again!

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