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Prepping Your Floor For Epoxy: 5 Steps You Must Take

Prepping Your Floor For Epoxy: 5 Steps You Must Take

Epoxy coating is a popular and durable floor treatment when applied after proper tile removal Tampa. Epoxy repels dirt, grease, and oil, making it an excellent choice for many commercial, industrial, or garage applications. Additionally, it is suitable for even the highest traffic locations. It offers an attractive finish that can withstand years of use without showing age. However, an epoxy floor is only as good as the work that goes into cleaning and prepping the surface. Premier Epoxy offers dust-free tile removal Tampa that can get you started on the way to a beautiful, lasting new floor finish.  

1. Remove the Old Floor

Demolition is the crucial first step in the preparation process. Every trace of old flooring must be carefully removed, whether it is carpet, linoleum, or tiles. Our specialized equipment, dubbed “the Terminator,” easily breaks up old floor coverings for efficient removal. It has an extended battery life, so most tile removal Tampa jobs can be done in a single day. If there is an additional underlayment, that will also be lifted at this stage. 

2. Fix any Imperfections

tile removal tampa

Tile removal Tampa is just the first step in a fairly involved preparation process. Once the old flooring has been removed, we can get to work assessing the underlying concrete surface. While thick tiles might cover minor imperfections like slightly elevated or low spots, epoxy acts more like a paint and will not help level these uneven areas. Any considerable flaws must also be addressed, such as cracks, gashes, or gouges. If left unrepaired, these cracks can get larger over time, ruining the integrity and appearance of your new epoxy floor. 

At Premier Epoxy, we will carefully inspect the entire concrete surface as part of our dust-free tile removal Tampa process. Any areas of concern will be patched and leveled. The result is a smooth finish that is ready to be carefully cleaned and sealed. 

3. Thoroughly Clean the Area

Even with our dust-free removal process, picking up old flooring can make quite a mess. You have demolition debris pieces of old tile or carpet, not to mention fine dust that can escape vacuum equipment. That’s why it is so essential for the entire area that is getting epoxy to be cleaned and free of dust and debris before any final preparations. If necessary, a mild acid solution will be used to ensure the concrete is thoroughly clean and ready for its final coating. 

4. Prepare the Surface 

cracked tile

Part of the appeal of epoxy is that it offers a long-lasting solution. However, that is dependent on the sealer being able to penetrate and bond with the concrete. Creating a surface that is free of any dust or sealers allows this to happen. Once clean, the concrete will need to be etched as a final preparation step. This opens up the pores, so the epoxy can fully penetrate the concrete and create a strong seal. 

Commercial grinders fitted with diamond blades are often used to etch the surface. Hydroblasting is also effective at removing any old sealers or coatings that persist. There are many risks associated with blasting processes, and they should only be done by professionals who are familiar with the equipment and procedures. After the floor is etched, a final inspection is performed where any imperfections will be addressed before work is done. 

5. Apply the Coating

Once the floor is prepped, we can begin the application process. A primer is applied first, which allows maximum adhesion for the subsequent coats. It generally takes two to three coats of resin to get a solid base layer of epoxy. Any desired decorative elements can be added to the final layer. Once that is complete, a topcoat is used to create a durable and lasting seal. The finished floor will then be cured and ready for use 72 hours after the final coat is applied.  Whether you are interested in sealing floors in part a residential, commercial, or industrial setting, Premier Epoxy can help. We offer the highest quality epoxy floor coatings and tile removal Tampa, so you know the job will be done right the first time. Contact us online or at (813) 358-3100 to learn more and get a free quote for your project. 

Prepping Your Floor For Epoxy: 5 Steps You Must Take | Premier Epoxy Tampa — Tampa, Florida

What You Should Know About the Lifespan of Epoxy Flooring in Tampa

What You Should Know About the Lifespan of Epoxy Flooring in Tampa

Have you been thinking about epoxy flooring in Tampa for your garage or another room in your home? Whether you are building a new house or doing renovations, you may be attracted to this flooring option because of its appearance and durability. You also may be concerned about how long epoxy floors in Tampa can last. Here is helpful information to answer your questions about epoxy floor covering and help you make an informed decision.

The Basics About Epoxy Floors Tampa

Highly popular in industrial and commercial spaces, epoxy flooring is also a big hit with homeowners. For the most part, people are more drawn to garage floor epoxy in Tampa than in other areas of their houses, although that is also starting to change. What makes it such a good option for homes?

First, you should understand a bit about the process. To reap the benefits of epoxy flooring in Tampa, you should start with professional installation. Experienced technicians know how to properly prepare a floor before the epoxy is applied, making sure the surface is completely clean and dry.

After that stage, the application is a layering process; the more unique the finish or texture, the more coats it may take. Metallic epoxy can look like marble, and the addition of mica or quartz can create a surface that feels almost like sandpaper. Decide what look you want to complement your home or stand up to traffic.

When the epoxy mixture is applied, it may take its own time to dry, but again, this is essential for it to be durable and long-lasting. When the whole process is complete, you have a custom floor with a smooth or textured finish in the color you want.

Not every homeowner understands how important the flooring surface is and may skip a step or two to speed it up.  Cutting corners, however, can mean your floor does not last as long as it should.

Maintenance of Epoxy Flooring in Tampa

Maintenance of Epoxy Flooring

Let’s say you have a gorgeous garage floor epoxy Tampa, and you love the shine and finish. Now, what should you do to make it stay that way? Like most floor coverings, epoxy does best with proper maintenance. 

Just like you sweep your floors regularly, preferably daily, you should do the same for your epoxy floor. Dirt and debris can accumulate and wear down the surface. You can also use a shop vacuum to suck up the dirt.

In addition to sweeping, you should give your floor a thorough cleaning with a gentle scrubber or a hard foam mop. Clean up any spills, especially leaks from your automobile, before they cause any stains. If left there, those chemicals could harm your epoxy floor.

Other Factors

What else can affect the longevity of your epoxy flooring Tampa? Dirt and debris can harm the surface over time. Wear and tear also include heavy traffic, so think about how you use your floor as well.

For example, if you have a high-shine epoxy floor in a bathroom, you should be just fine with regular cleaning. In your garage, on the other hand, the floor may not hold up over time to heavy vehicles or excessive weight. Weight is more of an issue in industrial settings, where heavy equipment and machinery can push an epoxy floor to its limit. For home use, however, it’s probably more about cleanliness than high traffic.

What to Expect from Epoxy Flooring in Tampa

What to Expect from Epoxy Flooring

How long can you count on your floor to last? There’s no clear answer to this question, to be honest. Some experts think it has a lifespan of about two to three years, while others say it can last up to ten years. Keep in mind that those figures include both residential and commercial applications.

Most homeowners can expect their professionally installed epoxy floors to last decades with proper care and maintenance. You may need to have it re-coated every few years, but that is not the same thing as replacing it. It’s not unusual for epoxy flooring to last thirty years or more in a garage.

The Test of Time

To make your epoxy flooring last a long time, start with proper, professional installation from Premier Epoxy, our technicians can explain our process to you and help you select the color, texture, and finish that works for your home or garage. Contact us online or call at (813) 358-3100 to get started.

What You Should Know About the Lifespan of Epoxy Flooring in Tampa | Premier Epoxy Tampa — Tampa, Florida

Why Your Commercial Business Needs Epoxy Flooring Tampa

Why Your Commercial Business Needs Epoxy Flooring Tampa

Consider epoxy flooring Tampa, the next time you need to replace or repair your commercial property floor. The material is a mix of resins and hardeners that create a durable finish. This flooring material also allows for customization, meaning your building’s floors can match the rest of the facility for maximum attractiveness. Beyond the looks of the material, it lasts longer than other surfaces exposed to average commercial and consumer abuse. Whether you own a warehouse facility, manufacturing plant or retail space, epoxy floors are an excellent option and alternative to traditional flooring. There are at least six reasons you need epoxy floors Tampa.

1. Cleanliness.

Epoxy solidifies to a durable surface

Whether you want to install a warehouse or garage floor epoxy Tampa, the material is versatile and clean. Unlike most flooring materials, epoxy does not have seams. Application is one continuous layer, which makes the floor nearly impenetrable. The spill-proof design is often a significant selling feature for professional garages, kitchens, and industrial facilities. As epoxy is an epoxide polymer, it is also chemical resistant. While epoxy flooring Tampa is clean and sanitary, people can slip if a spill occurs. However, many installers can place an anti-slip texture into the surface of the floor to ensure satisfactory compliance with regulatory inspections.

2. Durability.

Epoxy solidifies to a durable surface for factories and all commercial businesses. The surface is resistant to average dings and dents, and repairs are easy. For property owners who worry about floor damage, you can add fibers to an epoxy mix to further strengthen it. However, that may only be necessary for facilities with heavy machinery because most equipment and wheels won’t damage the surface. You need to keep in mind that most epoxy floors last two to three years of heavy use before needing repair or replacement.

3. Installation.

Epoxy flooring Tampa allows for flexibility of design

Unlike traditional flooring, epoxy is easy and quick to install. Wood or tile flooring needs time to acclimate before installation can begin. Then, each flooring material requires different adhesives and tools. Epoxy is simple. A team cleans the concrete surface, wets the area, scrubs the area with an etching mixture before applying the epoxy coating. Depending on the size of the building and the temperature, you can have a brand new floor in a matter of days. The measurements for epoxy flooring Tampa are also precise, which means less material waste.

4. Aesthetics.

Customization is especially useful in warehouses and factories. Epoxy flooring Tampa allows for flexibility of design. For example, you can use different colors to differentiate work zones from traffic or safety zones. You can also use different patterns to create interest or to fit the personality and atmosphere of your business. Epoxy floors are less stringent and boring than other commercial flooring options, allowing you to remain creative and involved with the appearance of your facility.

5. Maintenance.

epoxy flooring Tampa is less expensive

Wood floors are hard to maintain. The routine changes in humidity and temperature can ruin a pristine oak floor. Tiles are also finicky and prone to cracks. Epoxy is resilient and easy to maintain. Its seamless design means less worry about water damage, and its durable surface equates to limited risks for damage. The ease of maintenance also means fewer routine costs associated with cleaning and upkeep, which puts money back in the profit column for your business.

6. Cost.

Speaking of profits, epoxy flooring Tampa is less expensive than other flooring options. While labor costs may appear more costly than other flooring installations, consider that material prices are often lower. Professionals see epoxy flooring as one of the most affordable options available, especially when you think of the expense of upkeep with other options.

What type of business do you own and operate? Is it an industrial or manufacturing plant, or do you own retail space? Epoxy flooring Tampa is an excellent option for many commercial properties. The easy installation, low cost, and durability of the material make epoxy the best choice for many owners. Epoxy is versatile and allows for more customization than wood and tile. Are you interested in discussing your epoxy flooring options? If so, contact Premier Epoxy in Tampa to discuss your business and flooring needs. Don’t limit your imagination. Epoxy can make concrete attractive and resilient against all your daily activities.

Why Your Commercial Business Needs Epoxy Flooring Tampa | Premier Epoxy Tampa — Tampa, Florida

Epoxy Flooring vs. Tile Flooring: You’ve Got Options

Epoxy Flooring vs. Tile Flooring: You’ve Got Options

If you’re thinking about updating your flooring, you’re probably debating on the type of floor that you should get. In terms of durability, looks, and affordability, is epoxy flooring a better option than tile?

Keep reading to discover the differences between epoxy and tile flooring so you can determine which one is right for your home or office needs.

Epoxy Flooring vs. Tile Flooring: Which One Looks Better?

Whether you have a commercial garage, home garage, or are thinking about doing the floors inside your home, the flooring of the room can have a significant impact on one’s initial impression of the room. Tile is a material that brings out the beauty of any room and easy to customize by choosing the type of tile, color, and layout.

Epoxy flooring is also fully customizable, and you can add a variety of flakes to create your own color scheme. From metallic to matte, these small flakes allow the epoxy to mimic the look of a piece of solid stone.

Epoxy Flooring looks better

Tile flooring has its merits when it comes to aesthetics, particularly the ability to give the appearance of a durable yet stylish and modern floor. However, epoxy floors are smooth and shiny, making it a better choice for a garage.

Another perk to choosing epoxy is that you can customize it to look just like stone, such as granite or quartz. Metallic flakes give it a modern shine, and it’s a beautiful way to spruce up your garage at a fraction of the cost in comparison to tile. You can also choose to have a solid-colored epoxy floor installed for a cohesive, seamless look.

What About Durability?

When it comes to commercial flooring options, you certainly need something that will stand the test of time. Floors that can’t hold up to the substantial activity in a garage will only cost you frustration, time, and money in the long run.

In a garage environment, your flooring is vulnerable to all kinds of wear and tear. From parking your vehicles daily to dropped tools, jack stands, and machinery, it’s crucial that your flooring can withstand the rigors of your busy garage.

Tile can be durable, but it’s also prone to cracks and chips. Epoxy flooring can last for many years without chipping, cracking, fading, or coming loose. Since there are no grout lines and no need for extra adhesives, once the epoxy floors are in place and cured, it never moves or shows signs of coming up from the subfloor.

Epoxy also resists sun-related issues like fading and damage that results from a dried-out surface. With tile flooring, the material becomes brittle and fades after being exposed to the sun long-term.

Stains and Dirt: The True Test of Commercial Flooring

From motor oil to spilled beverages, your commercial garage flooring will take on a lot of messes. You don’t want the floors you’ve had installed to become permanently stained just because of a few accidents.

Expoxy Flooring Durability

Tile flooring can resist stains reasonably well, but you usually have to catch them quickly and clean them up right away. Certain types of tile and grout lines can absorb messes and leave a permanent stain and damage behind.

Epoxy flooring is extremely stain-resistant, even when exposed to a variety of chemicals. A quick mop or wipe down can usually clean almost anything you happen to spill on the floors.

With tile, you may need to remove certain pieces to either repair the stained areas or have them professionally cleaned. The smooth, nonporous surface of epoxy makes it a much better choice in terms of stain resistance.

Maintaining Your Commercial Garage Flooring

Whether it’s a home or commercial garage, you don’t have a lot of time to worry about maintaining your floors. With epoxy flooring, simply sweep debris and mop it often to keep everything neat, tidy, and clean.

Depending on the type of tile flooring you choose, you might need to have the floors re-sealed. This process can be costly and time-consuming, especially since you’ll need to remove everything from the garage and then wait for the sealant to dry before bringing everything back in again.

With tile, you’ll also need to monitor the grout to make sure there is no cracking. Because tile uses grout between each piece to adhere, you’ll need to re-grout it every once in a while or check it to look for signs of damage.

Since epoxy flooring is one congruent surface, there are no grout lines that need to be maintained. The process of keeping it clean is simple, and it won’t break if you drop something heavy on it. With tile, it can easily crack or break if you accidentally drop a substantial auto part or tool.

Epoxy flooring contractors can easily install your new floors in a fast turnaround time and at a great cost. Consider getting these floors for your garage if you’re looking for something you can customize while having floors that can handle the rigors of garage environments.

Update Your Floors with Epoxy

get epoxy flooring now

Whether it’s your family home or your commercial garage, epoxy flooring is a durable and beautiful solution. This unique surface will add beauty and versatility to your garage without the fuss and heavy maintenance.

Epoxy will stand the test of time and it doesn’t stain or crack. When it comes to investing in new flooring, epoxy comes out as the winner over tile.

Visit our website or contact us today so we can provide you with a free quote for your next project.

Epoxy Flooring vs. Tile Flooring: You’ve Got Options | Premier Epoxy Tampa — Tampa, Florida

How to Get the Best Epoxy Flooring Results

How to Get the Best Epoxy Flooring Results

Everyone wants their epoxy flooring to look its best. After all, it’s going to last for years, so it’s essential that the product is high-quality.

As epoxy flooring installation professionals, it’s in our best interest for the customer to get the most beautiful flooring possible. For us, every job represents us and the kind of work we do. Today, we’re going to talk about how to get the best possible epoxy flooring for your home or business.

Know what you want

One of the best ways to get the epoxy flooring you want is to know what you’re getting. By looking at pictures and samples, it will give you an understanding of the product color and style. If you can see it in person, that’s even better. Once you choose your epoxy, understand that it will look unique in your situation, since factors such as lighting will affect the color. 

Talk with your flooring company and go over the area you want them to epoxy and other factors. Being on the same page is an essential part of the epoxy floor process, so it’s vital not to leave the consultation up to your spouse or business partner.

Moderate weather is ideal

If you want the floor work to be performed under ideal conditions, have the floor epoxy company do the job when the weather is between 72 and 77 degrees, which is the perfect temperature range. The reason is that epoxy flooring doesn’t ‘dry,’ it cures. Ideal conditions make for the best possible outcome, and when you spend your money on flooring which is going to last for years, it seems reasonable to want it to look its best.

Hire the pros

Pros have the tools, the experience, and the knowledge to apply to epoxy flooring installation. Some DIY enthusiasts will tell you how easy it is to do your own epoxy flooring, but the reality falls short of idealism in this case. 

Let the flooring area undisturbed

During the preparation part of epoxy flooring, the area has to be completely clean and free from all sources of contaminants. Also, each floor is unique, and, we consider it a form of artwork. 

When the flooring crew is in the process of preparing and pouring the floor, and during the curing process, every visitor brings the potential for dirt particles. These aren’t ideal for the epoxy flooring process. Once it’s finished, the homeowner or business can enjoy it for years; but before that, visitors during the installation process can make for less than optimal conditions. 

If you’re considering an epoxy flooring in your garage or any other area of your home or business, these tips will help the job go smoother and the final result will be everything you wanted.