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Epoxy Flooring

Improve Your Home with Custom Epoxy Flooring

If you’re looking for beautiful, durable flooring options for your home, Premier Epoxy is here to help you add the perfect finishing touch to any room in your house. Our professionally designed and installed custom epoxy flooring Tampa can give your home a stunning and functional finish. Our experts go above and beyond to make the entire process easy and enjoyable for every customer. Let us help you transform your space into a convenient masterpiece made to last.

Garage and Basement Upgrades

Whether you want to use these areas for storage, work, or additional living space, it’s crucial to protect your floors from the severe damage that can occur in your garage or basement. High foot traffic, extreme temperatures, moisture, and spills can ruin the flooring. Heavyweight or extreme impact can lead to cracks in your unsealed concrete. However, garage floor epoxy Tampa can offer the protection you need while giving the space a clean look that’s finished and cared for. At Premier Epoxy, we specialize in helping you create the garage or basement of your dreams.

Updating Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Your kitchen and bathroom are always busy. We understand that keeping these rooms clean, safe, and beautiful is important to every homeowner. Epoxy floors Tampa can help prevent water damage in these frequently used spaces while protecting your family from dangerous slips and falls. Cleanup is a breeze, making it easier than ever to control mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Plus, our customizable options help you choose a design that flows seamlessly to enhance the beauty of your cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures.

A Modern Home Interior

At Premier Epoxy, we love empowering homeowners to create a visual showpiece with their flooring. We can help you develop a custom design for your whole home. Whether you’re looking for a modern edge or want a practical solution for busy kids and pets, epoxy flooring fits the bill. Our professional service people are trained and experienced in the latest products and techniques for a flawless finish in every room of your home.

The Benefits of Residential Epoxy Floors

There are many reasons to choose epoxy flooring Tampa for your home. Many traditional options can’t compete with the convenience, durability, and overall look of an epoxy finish. We want every homeowner to be well-informed about their options as they work to improve their property from top to bottom.

Create a Customized Look

When it comes to professionally installed epoxy flooring, the options are practically limitless. Start with a base of any combination of colors, from calming neutrals to bold jewel tones. Choose a solid finish for a simple and elegant look or consider quartz, glitter, or chip flake finishes to add depth and interest or increased durability. For those who seek out the latest trends, we offer metallic epoxy floors for a completely unique and captivating finish. When you work with Premier Epoxy, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to the widest variety of options for your home. Wherever your creativity takes you, we’re up for the challenge.

Reliability from Start to Finish

Our pros take pride in their work. Installing epoxy floors Tampa isn’t just a job to be done for us, but it’s also a work of art. We concern ourselves with the smallest details from the first free estimate to the final finished product. Premier Epoxy is committed to using only the highest quality materials and innovative techniques for a process that’s fast, effective, and thorough. However, we care about more than a flawless finish. We’re in the business of protecting your floors, so we can help repair damage and treat any existing or potential issues along the way. At Premier Epoxy, our promise to you is guaranteed excellence from beginning to end.

Increase and Protect Your Home’s Value

When you upgrade your flooring, you’re making a long-term investment in your property. Choosing epoxy floors can help increase your home’s value by improving its appearance while adding an extra element of protection. While the durable materials used help shield the exterior from wear and tear, they’re also working hard beneath the surface to protect the foundational elements of your home. Not only can you enjoy the results immediately, but you can also make your home a more competitive option should you decide to sell in the future.

Focus on Safety

There’s a reason epoxy flooring is a popular choice among commercial property owners. The safety of this durable material just can’t be beat, whether at a professional business or in your own home. Accidental spills are easy to clean while the slip-resistant surface protects you from those unnecessary falls. Protect your family and home from the germs and bacteria that can grow and thrive on floors. Epoxy materials can withstand the toughest cleaning chemicals, so you can keep your home truly clean without damaging this high-contact surface.

What Types of Commercial Epoxy Flooring Are Available?


There are four main kinds of commercial epoxy flooring, each with many customization options. Our experts have extensive experience with each type:


Shop floors, warehouse floors, and healthcare applications may benefit from a single uniform color of epoxy for specific areas. This can simplify maintenance or provide a minimalist look.


Epoxy mixed with natural or synthetic mica enjoys added strength and beauty. This option looks virtually identical to pebble interiors and exteriors, but with a sleeker, shinier surface and far lower maintenance requirements.


The ultimate in sophistication and chic, the metallic epoxy coating gives nightclubs, restaurants, and boutique stores an unforgettable appearance. Metallic surfaces allow for many style choices, including dark floors with striking glitter and lighting floors with a subtle glow.


Certain electronics-manufacturing applications and high-tech areas require anti-static flooring. Anti-static epoxy coatings are an excellent solution that maintains the desired properties with minimal upkeep.

At Premier Epoxy, our signature flooring includes artistic layering methods that transform floors with unique color contrasts. Spaces can have the appearance of Mediterranean stone flooring, fine Italian tile, or modern art, to name a few options.

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