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Create a New Floor With Premier Epoxy

Create a New Floor With Premier Epoxy Based in Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland, Florida, is home to varied industries, including agriculture, transportation, mining, tourism, and medicine. Whether you own a Lakeland industrial facility, commercial business, or residence, you want your floors to be beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance. Epoxy flooring in Brandon, FL and Epoxy flooring in Lakeland, FL, can provide everything you need and more. Premier Epoxy is proud to serve the Lakeland area by creating new floors

What is Premier Epoxy Flooring in Lakeland, FL?

Epoxy floors are made out of two main ingredients:

    • A plastic material, such as polymer resins
    • A hardening agent

When the two ingredients are mixed, they create a chemical reaction that causes the mixture to harden. The liquid compound is poured out onto a concrete floor, where the chemical reaction will form a secure bond with the substrate. Epoxy floors usually consist of several layers poured on top of one another after the previous layer has been allowed to dry. The result is a solid, strong, stain-resistant floor and will stand up to degradation for many years.

What Applications do Epoxy Floors Have?

Epoxy flooring in Lakeland, FL, has applications for industrial, commercial, and residential settings. Because of its durability and resistance to degradation, it is common in locations that see a lot of traffic, whether from motor vehicles or foot traffic. Because of the ease of maintenance, epoxy flooring is common in hospitals and schools, commercial buildings, and industrial settings such as garages.

Despite its use in commercial and industrial settings, epoxy flooring is versatile enough to work well in homes, too. Epoxy floors can be especially helpful in the following rooms:

      • Kitchens
      • Bathrooms
      • Living rooms
      • Dens
      • Playrooms
      • Laundry rooms
      • Hobby rooms

What Types of Epoxy Flooring in Lakeland, FL, Are Available?

Part of the reason epoxy floors are so versatile is that several types are available, each of which can be customized according to our client’s requirements.

Solid Epoxy
Wide Hardwood Flooring

Anti-Static Epoxy Flooring

In most situations, a weak charge from static electricity is not a major cause for concern. On the other hand, electrostatic discharge can have catastrophic consequences for pharmaceutical and electronic manufacturers and those in different static-sensitive environments, such as chemical plants and health care facilities. Anti-static epoxy flooring for Lakeland, FL, is specifically designed for environments such as these to dissipate any accumulated static electricity.

Solid Epoxy Flooring

Solid epoxy floors are a single, uniform color. This can help to simplify maintenance by drawing attention to any stains, spills, or other foreign objects. It also provides a look that is clean, elegant, and understated. This is good for homes with a minimalist design scheme. It is also good if you don’t want the floor to clash with other decorative elements.

opt for epoxy flooring

Flake Epoxy Flooring

Flake epoxy mimics the appearance of high-end flooring materials, such as pebble flooring or terrazzo. The synthetic or natural mica chips added to the epoxy mixture add extra color and sparkle and strengthen the flooring.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

This type of epoxy flooring in Lakeland, FL provides a sophisticated metallic sheen in swirling patterns in the color of your choice for an unbeatable look. Our competitors use fillers to produce cheaper floors, but we achieve superior depth and shine by using 100% solids. This chic floor coating is ideal for boutique stores, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Abstract Epoxy Strains | Premiere Epoxy

What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Floors?

While the beauty of epoxy floors is stunning, it offers many more benefits. Compared to other flooring options, epoxy is relatively inexpensive and easy to clean and maintain. All it needs is an occasional sweeping, followed by a once-over with a wet mop. There is no need for labor-intensive practices such as grout cleaning, shampooing, or waxing, so maintaining your epoxy floor takes a lot less time.

Other flooring materials are susceptible to peeling, chipping, cracking, and further damage that might require replacing a portion of the floor, such as a loose or broken tile. If the damage is extensive enough, the whole floor may have to be replaced. Epoxy is resistant to all these damages to last a long time with no need for repair or replacement.

The four types of epoxy floors are all customizable. We can create unique color contrasts through our artistic layering techniques or provide amazing sparkle with polyester glitter.

Why Should You Choose Premier Epoxy for Your Flooring Company?

Professional application is crucial to gain maximal attractiveness and durability from your epoxy floors. At Premier Epoxy, our experienced professionals create a custom proposal just for you, guiding you through the process and explaining it thoroughly. We combine our artistic flair and attention to detail to provide the best quality. Our customers enjoy the following advantages:

    • Expert knowledge
    • Guaranteed work
    • Top-rated customer support
    • Financing options

Premier Epoxy is a locally owned business. Contact us today, request a free quote, and find out more about the financing we have available. We look forward to creating a unique floor for you.

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