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Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Flooring With Tremendous Visual Impact and Durability

When your business has glossy and beautiful flooring, your clients receive an amazing first impression. Show off your company’s professionalism and distinctive style with the commercial epoxy flooring Tampa residents love.

At Premier Epoxy, we’re experts in epoxy flooring for a huge variety of commercial applications. We don’t just provide durable floors that look incredible for ages, but we design interior and exterior surfaces that are genuine works of art.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Many businesses turn to epoxy flooring for vibrant surfaces that stand up to the increased wear of commercial applications. This includes factories with extensive foot traffic and retail businesses looking to turn heads with dynamic colors. Here are some areas that benefit significantly from epoxy surfaces:

  • Production floors
  • Exterior walkways
  • Reception areas and entryways
  • Repair garages and maintenance areas
  • High-traffic areas
  • Board rooms
  • Showrooms

Epoxy combines advanced polymer resins and hardening chemicals to create a solid thermoplastic coating. Commercial epoxy flooring uses several layers of polymer coating to ensure maximum durability and shine. Epoxy bonds firmly to the underlying concrete, providing hard floor surfaces, impact-resistant, and long-lasting.

How Does Commercial Epoxy Installation Work?

Each commercial application requires a different approach depending on the existing flooring present. For example, a new concrete floor is generally easier to prepare for epoxy coating than a floor with ceramic tile. Of course, our experts can adapt virtually any floor type to this high-tech coating.

Epoxy needs a clean, level, and porous surface to adhere to. Our commercial floor epoxy Tampa team takes care of every detail. If required, we can repair any cracks or uneven portions of flooring, repairing damage, and leaving the surface prepared for the next step.

Afterward, it’s important to remove any grease or contaminants from the floor. After leaving the entire surface spotless, we carefully etch the concrete to provide a porous surface. Then, we mix the catalyst and resin of the selected epoxy coating. Finally, it’s time to apply each coat of epoxy to the floor, leveling the surface with a precise touch.

What Are The Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for commercial applications. It provides many benefits that are ideal for improving productivity while having a floor that is stylish and elegant. Here are several reasons epoxy is popular for businesses:

Non-Slip Qualities

We can add anti-slip compounds when preparing epoxy flooring, keeping employees safer in industrial environments where wet floors are common.

Ease of Maintenance

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean, often requiring only periodic sweeping and wet mopping to stay brilliant.


While total costs depend on the complexity of the project, epoxy flooring is generally more cost-effective than other commercial flooring types, both in terms of installation and maintenance.


Unlike tile, bare concrete, and other hard surfaces, epoxy is highly resistant to cracks, impacts, and chipping. Maintenance is minimal since dust and dirt merely rest on top of the floor or accumulate in cracks.

Chemical Resistance

Industrial businesses love the way epoxy flooring resists most chemical spills without receiving damage. After an accident, all that’s frequently required is to wipe up the spilled chemicals.

Stain Resistance

Epoxy also resists oil and grease. This is a major advantage over bare concrete floors.

These advantages make epoxy the ideal coating for many businesses, including car dealerships, shopping malls, art galleries, and coffee shops. An epoxy floor can stay attractive for many years before requiring resurfacing.

What Does Epoxy Flooring Look Like?

One of the main benefits of commercial epoxy floors Tampa businesses enjoy is a fantastically shiny surface. This brilliant shine can elevate the reputation of any business. Customers often equate glossy floors with cleanliness, professionalism, and quality, so a reflective surface speaks well of your business.

Epoxy creates a seamless look no matter how large spaces are. There are unlimited color and style options to choose from. Whether your brand looks best with subdued tones or exciting shades, we can accommodate its personality with breathtaking flair.

What Types of Commercial Epoxy Flooring Are Available?

There are four main kinds of commercial epoxy flooring, each with many customization options. Our experts have extensive experience with each type:


Shop floors, warehouse floors, and healthcare applications may benefit from a single uniform color of epoxy for specific areas. This can simplify maintenance or provide a minimalist look.


Epoxy mixed with natural or synthetic mica enjoys added strength and beauty. This option looks virtually identical to pebble interiors and exteriors, but with a sleeker, shinier surface and far lower maintenance requirements.


The ultimate in sophistication and chic, the metallic epoxy coating gives nightclubs, restaurants, and boutique stores an unforgettable appearance. Metallic surfaces allow for many style choices, including dark floors with striking glitter and lighting floors with a subtle glow.


Certain electronics-manufacturing applications and high-tech areas require anti-static flooring. Anti-static epoxy coatings are an excellent solution that maintains the desired properties with minimal upkeep.

At Premier Epoxy, our signature flooring includes artistic layering methods that transform floors with unique color contrasts. Spaces can have the appearance of Mediterranean stone flooring, fine Italian tile, or modern art, to name a few options.

Why Choose Our Professional Epoxy Installation?

What makes our team of professionals stand out is the way we combine the best quality and attention to detail with artistic flair and total project customization. To experience maximum benefits, durability, and attractiveness from your epoxy flooring, it’s essential to have professionals handle applications. At Premier Epoxy, we have the expertise to deliver amazing results, and we guarantee our work.

We’re happy to come up with a custom proposal for your commercial location. Our professionals can explain the process in detail and help you select the right options for your business’s specific needs and project budget. To learn more about our Commercial epoxy flooring Tampa services, contact our team right away.