Say Yes to Residential Epoxy Flooring!

Say Yes to Residential Epoxy Flooring!

People spend a significant amount of time in their home. Three essential components of a home are beauty, value, and ease of care. As epoxy flooring offers these traits, more Tampa homeowners are choosing epoxy flooring for more than just the family garage.

As families discover the joys of epoxy flooring, they’re asking to have it applied in kitchens, bedrooms, sunrooms, and living areas. Professionally applied epoxy flooring is a gorgeous flooring for residential use. Here are some reasons people are switching to epoxy flooring.

Clean living

People and pets can be messy, which translates to dirty floors. Homeowners want a home which has flooring that looks good, maybe even stunning. This conundrum can be resolved by applying epoxy flooring. It looks fantastic, is family friendly and easy to clean. There is nothing easier to clean than epoxy flooring.


Those who are sensitive to dust mites, mold, pollen, and pet dander suffer needlessly when these pathogens are in the home. Those with breathing issues love epoxy flooring because dirt has nowhere to hide. Unlike carpeting, which is a miniature forest of hiding places, or tile with its grungy grout, epoxy flooring won’t capture the bacteria and particulates that trigger allergies and asthma.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning is minimal with epoxy flooring. Beyond wiping up spills when they occur, a dust mop and the rare wet mop are all epoxy flooring needs. There is no need to buy expensive floor care products, either, since a little ammonia in the mop water is all that is required. For busy families, this leaves more time to enjoy one another and less time doing repetitive cleaning chores.

Strong surface

Kids and pets can be hard on floors. But, flooring which has scratches and chips doesn’t retain its original beauty. Epoxy flooring always looks good, even when junior decides to ride his scooter through the house or Dad drops his bowling ball. 


As more of our population ages, walkers and mobility scooters become more commonplace. It’s only natural for a homeowner who is thinking to the future to lean toward flooring which is slip resistant and won’t be damaged by an electric scooter. Epoxy flooring is easy to navigate for even the most mobility-compromised homeowner.

It’s an art

Epoxy flooring application is an art. We take our craft seriously and plan for every flooring job to be the most stunning work we’ve ever done. We can mix colors to make any shade combination you want. Some people choose white because epoxy is one of the few products which doesn’t ‘hold’ dirt. 

By meeting with a flooring professional, a homeowner can learn just exactly how many options are available and what the cost will be for their situation. Your home will never look the same again!

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Families Choose Epoxy Flooring for Cleanliness and Convenience

Families Choose Epoxy Flooring for Cleanliness and Convenience

It’s no secret that cleaning specialists everywhere will tell you that the majority of dirt which enters the home does so at the front door.  Cleaning blogs everywhere pontificate on the beauty of good welcome mats, entry rugs, ‘shoeless zones,’ and other tricks designed to prevent family and friends from tracking gunk in. 

In her new comedy special “Relevant’, Ellen Degeneres talks about how people own a favorite pair of socks, and even when they get holes in them big enough to make them look bad, we still wear them. (Not giving the jokes away!)  Suffice to say that everyone isn’t thrilled at the idea of walking around your home without their shoes. The solution may be epoxy flooring. 

Because cleaning should be easy

Families are no longer willing to ask for the commitment of one person to stay at home all day and keep the house clean. It isn’t practical or fun, nor should it be necessary any longer with the materials and technology we have at our disposal. Even those who choose to remain at home have better things to do with their time than vacuuming, spot cleaning, mopping, or waxing a floor. 

Because a family is messy

Families need a floor which is easy to clean and resists spills. The odors associated with spilling on carpeting or other porous floorings can also sometimes be an issue. When children are young, they can be a bit messy before they learn coordination, and even the most well-controlled pet will still occasionally have an accident or muddy paws.  Instead of spending time fretting, or settling for flooring that is less than gorgeous, homeowners are finding that the initial cost of epoxy flooring saves them years of cleaning and scolding. Nor must they resort to floorings such as linoleum or laminate, which has to be replaced, or tile with grout, which can be a cleaning project, and has to be regrouted periodically.

Epoxy flooring, makes dirt and spills easy to clean, is a hygienic, non-slip option that families love because it will always be easy to care for and still look elegant. The expense of installation is more than made up for by the lack of time, tools, machinery, and cleaning products which other flooring options require.

Many options and benefits

The color options of epoxy flooring mean that anyone can find an epoxy coating which will suit their taste and decor needs. Because epoxy is durable and attractive, it will retain its value long after the carpeting is threadbare and the laminate is scuffed. Even hardwoods and vinyl do not compare to the value of epoxy flooring. Epoxy also protects the underlying concrete from moisture and cracking. Because it is seamless, it offers excellent hygienic properties.

When a family is in the market for flooring epoxy coating is an option which is worthy of consideration. Because of the benefits it provides, it rates the extra capital outlay.

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