How to Choose an Epoxy Floor Coating Color

How to Choose an Epoxy Floor Coating Color

Whether you’re planning to use an epoxy coating or concrete stain in a garage, living room, or somewhere else, sometimes choosing the right color can be challenging. Is it better to go bright and bold? Something neutral? A homeowner wants all facets of their home to reflect their tastes, even if it’s the basement or garage. Today, we’re going to talk about how to choose an epoxy flooring or stain color. 

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are classic. They never go out of style and blend well with everything. A neutral color keeps options open and offers natural beauty, allowing the other colors in the decor to make a statement. In a situation where there is potential for a lot of dirt, neutral colors save the day because they hide everything. 


Brown is rich, warm, and rustic. Browns are a bold, beautiful choice which brings the room alive. If a homeowner chooses brown, the office or area will exude a natural ambiance. Plus, it will allow features or decorations to stand out. 


White is another classic. There is a reason why so many ceilings are white–white makes a room feel big. If a homeowner chooses white, it will exude a clean openness and breeziness. While white can be a challenge to keep looking spotless, people who enjoy white are not afraid of a little work, or a small amount of dirt. Pristine white epoxy can be a dream come true.


Cool colors can range from unusual to exotic. Cool colors such as blue and green stain or epoxy are soothing and create a calm effect. Reds, yellows, and oranges create a bold, cheerful option. People who use color aren’t afraid to express themselves.


Black is pure drama in epoxy. Black shines and gleams in a way that says it’s not messing around, but beware that it will absorb the light in the room, which can be dramatic, or create a feeling of cramped quarters or claustrophobia.

If the room already has a color theme, epoxy flooring can blend in or be a complementary element. A room or garage can become a reflection of the homeowner’s personality by just changing the color of the flooring. Or, epoxy stain or coating can create a focal point and change the whole feeling of the room.

Stained concrete or epoxy flooring can take decorating to a whole new level. A homeowner can enjoy easy-care, gorgeous flooring which lasts for years.

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What to Look for in an

What to Look for in an

Once a homeowner decides they’re interested in having epoxy flooring, polished or stained concrete, it’s time to consider what they want from an epoxy flooring company.  There are fundamental traits which a customer should seek in the company and product they choose for their flooring project

There are some of the things a flooring solution company can offer which make hiring a pro worth the investment.

Products and professionalism

During the exploratory process, look at the different products they offer and the colors and styles of each. Determine if their rep explains the process and communicates options effectively. If they are punctual and professional, these are also good signs. You know the kind of people with whom you want to do business and shouldn’t have to settle for less than the best. 

Make sure the product you choose is one which meets your needs and doesn’t require more attention or maintenance than you’re willing to give it. Also, it should be able to stand up to the demands of the area where it’s applied.

Skill in their craft

An epoxy flooring expert has specific training and years of experience in floor coatings and polishing. When the craftsmen come to perform the job, they will use professional tools and equipment to ensure a perfect application. 

This assures that the result will transform an eyesore concrete floor into a smooth, even, and elegant product. The project will be strong, durable, and last for many years with minimal care.


The best way to determine if an epoxy flooring company is right for you is to look at examples of their work. Meet with their expert, discuss options, and see floors they’ve already done. For instance, we have before and after pictures on our website so potential customers can see some of their options.


Often, a flooring company will come to the attention of a homeowner through friends and relatives, but another way to see what customers have said about them is through online reviews.  If they have a solid history of good reviews and customers express satisfaction, that’s a good sign. 

The Wow factor

After the flooring is applied, it’s essential that you’re happy with the results. Money spent on a long term investment like flooring should have outstanding results. Our goal is that every customer, whether they are a commercial or a residential client, should be supremely happy with their new floor.

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Concrete Polishing for Spring

Concrete Polishing for Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, offering hope for the future and all that entails. For many homeowners, it’s also a time to do some rejuvenating of their home and surroundings. Home upgrades can include polishing and sealing the floors in and around their house to create more beautiful living spaces.

Types of polishing

The Mohs hardness is tested first, as concrete can be different hardnesses and the hardness will determine how to proceed. Not surprisingly, there are several depths or cuts to which concrete can be polished. A homeowner might go with a cream polish, which is just the top, or a salt and pepper finish, which shows more, or aggregate, a deeply ground cut which shows a cross section of the inner concrete. Some concrete is made with decorative stone or recycled glass, making the aggregate cut a beautiful option. 

Polishing practices

By using different grits, the polishing process is a gradual one, starting with a coarse grit and gradually working toward the finer grits, creating a steady series of layer removal. As a result of this slow removal process, the finished product, while more labor intensive, is much stronger and a more stable refinement than one which is ground brutally or indiscriminately. 

The amount of polish is also a consideration. Some customers want a honed look, while some want a highly polished, glasslike finish — each type of polish influences the amount of light reflected by the floor. In the final phases of polishing, a sealer may be used to intensify the hardness of the finished product.


A polished concrete floor can be stained or dyed, which will add color to the concrete. It can also be scored, or patterns cut into the surface, creating more designs. 

If the concrete was poured to be polished, many things could be added into the mix which will affect the finished product. As another option, the top layer of the concrete can be dyed during the pouring process. 

Sometimes, there is the option to wet or dry polish the concrete. Wet or dry is subject to many factors, and each situation has different requirements.

Regardless of the grits used, the polishing, design, color, and cuts, the result is a low maintenance, gorgeous floor which is durable as well as beautiful. Polished concrete floors are notoriously low maintenance, and stay clean. If a homeowner is considering a polished concrete floor, it’s well worth the time to look at some different options before starting the project. Once it’s finished, it will be a floor your family or business can enjoy for years with minimal cleaning.

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The Joy of Polished Concrete

The Joy of Polished Concrete

We were in a well-known restaurant last night which was getting ready to close. While we waited for our takeout order, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the employees was sweeping the polished concrete floor. Most owners of polished concrete use a dust mop through the heavily trafficked areas. This polished concrete floor was in an upscale eatery, where it is essential for the floor always to be as clean as possible.

As we watched, she used a soft, industrial-sized broom to swish around the chairs and tables. Everyone has swept a floor; face it, cleaning is a drudgery chore. But, because the concrete was polished and smooth, she had no problem coaxing the crumbs and detritus out from underneath the tables. Nothing stuck to the floor or had to be chased twice. A chore which is often done with resigned reluctance had become a pleasure for this young woman because she did it with such ease.

Stays Clean

Polished concrete is ground and honed, then polished to a high luster. The process creates a gorgeous finish, which doesn’t contain the cracks and inconsistencies of tile or vinyl. The result is a smooth, slip-free finish which creates a great layer upon which to build an eatery. Patrons can dine and spill food and beverages which are easily cleaned, and the floor remains relatively hygienic.

Because polished concrete is silky and flawless, the cleaning process takes only seconds, and there are no cracks or other anomalies in which spills can hide and collect to harden.  Even in establishments which have expansion cracks, since they’re few and far between, the cleaning process moves quickly.

Saves on maintenance

Every employee has chores which, while necessary, don’t constitute the more pleasurable parts of their job. But, the young woman sweeping in the eatery did so with such ease and grace. My companions and I, as well as other patrons, took pleasure in her joy as she fluttered around each table with her broom. 

In most businesses, the cleaning, while necessary, is a fiscal drain on resources better spent elsewhere, which makes a polished concrete floor an ongoing value. The hours spent cleaning grime from areas where it most certainly collects on tile floors, and other surfaces can be better spent running the business. 


While it doesn’t make sense to remodel to change to a polished concrete floor for ease of cleaning, it does make sense to redo the floor when it becomes worn and tired. In that case, polished concrete is indeed worthy of consideration as a new flooring option. Not only will it look fabulous and stay cleaner, but loose or broken tiles are never an issue with which the business will have to contend.

Reasons to Epoxy Your Garage Floor

Reasons to Epoxy Your Garage Floor

One of the things a homeowner can choose to do is have epoxy applied to the floor of their garage. Homeowners who choose this option are always surprised by the number of benefits it offers. Epoxy is a tough, extremely versatile option which is easy care and will make the garage safer, cleaner, and more attractive at an affordable price. 

Easy to clean

Because the epoxy is smooth, it repels all car fluids, tire marks, and other incidentals which typically mar the floor of a concrete garage. Epoxy also covers surface flaws, making the whole surface stay cleaner because there are no cracks or crevices where dirt can lodge. Because it’s smooth, it also reflects light better, making the space brighter. A few swipes of a dust mop will usually take care of any surface dirt, automotive fluids wipe up quickly, and an overall mopping now and then will make the epoxy gleam.

No concrete dust

One of the drawbacks of concrete flooring is that concrete creates a lot of dust because of its composition. Once it’s covered with epoxy, concrete no longer produces the typical garage dust which covers anything stored in the garage, such as cars, boxes, tools, or a washer/dryer, in a layer of concrete dust. Because it’s no longer a problem, the dust which used to enter the home through the connecting garage door no longer wafts inward to add to the cleaning of the house.


Epoxy offers non-slip protection for those who aren’t quite as steady as they used to be, making it a terrific option for seniors, especially if they enjoy puttering around out in the garage or have their laundry facilities or hobbies stored there. Since epoxy reflects light, the area is brighter, making everything more visible.


One of the things about epoxy is that it is an economical means of achieving a clean, long-lasting surface. There is no need to replace tiles or regrout. Its impervious to stains, spots, and odors. It can be swept and mopped but requires very little more in the way of maintenance, which adds to its affordability. 


Epoxy comes in many colors and styles, meaning a variety of looks are available. Not only that, but the sharp, stylish look of epoxy will cover imperfections in a concrete floor, making the garage look upscale and trendy. The finish is durable, so it will last for several decades if it isn’t abused. Its one of the most economical means available to make an entire garage look exceptional and eliminate the need for constant cleaning of the contents. It is an excellent investment which offers a considerable return both by providing ease of living and in appeal if the homeowner decides to sell the property.