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Families Choose Epoxy Flooring for Cleanliness and Convenience

Families Choose Epoxy Flooring for Cleanliness and Convenience

It’s no secret that cleaning specialists everywhere will tell you that the majority of dirt which enters the home does so at the front door.  Cleaning blogs everywhere pontificate on the beauty of good welcome mats, entry rugs, ‘shoeless zones,’ and other tricks designed to prevent family and friends from tracking gunk in. 

In her new comedy special “Relevant’, Ellen Degeneres talks about how people own a favorite pair of socks, and even when they get holes in them big enough to make them look bad, we still wear them. (Not giving the jokes away!)  Suffice to say that everyone isn’t thrilled at the idea of walking around your home without their shoes. The solution may be epoxy flooring. 

Because cleaning should be easy

Families are no longer willing to ask for the commitment of one person to stay at home all day and keep the house clean. It isn’t practical or fun, nor should it be necessary any longer with the materials and technology we have at our disposal. Even those who choose to remain at home have better things to do with their time than vacuuming, spot cleaning, mopping, or waxing a floor. 

Because a family is messy

Families need a floor which is easy to clean and resists spills. The odors associated with spilling on carpeting or other porous floorings can also sometimes be an issue. When children are young, they can be a bit messy before they learn coordination, and even the most well-controlled pet will still occasionally have an accident or muddy paws.  Instead of spending time fretting, or settling for flooring that is less than gorgeous, homeowners are finding that the initial cost of epoxy flooring saves them years of cleaning and scolding. Nor must they resort to floorings such as linoleum or laminate, which has to be replaced, or tile with grout, which can be a cleaning project, and has to be regrouted periodically.

Epoxy flooring, makes dirt and spills easy to clean, is a hygienic, non-slip option that families love because it will always be easy to care for and still look elegant. The expense of installation is more than made up for by the lack of time, tools, machinery, and cleaning products which other flooring options require.

Many options and benefits

The color options of epoxy flooring mean that anyone can find an epoxy coating which will suit their taste and decor needs. Because epoxy is durable and attractive, it will retain its value long after the carpeting is threadbare and the laminate is scuffed. Even hardwoods and vinyl do not compare to the value of epoxy flooring. Epoxy also protects the underlying concrete from moisture and cracking. Because it is seamless, it offers excellent hygienic properties.

When a family is in the market for flooring epoxy coating is an option which is worthy of consideration. Because of the benefits it provides, it rates the extra capital outlay.

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Benefits of Flake Flooring for Your Warehouse

Benefits of Flake Flooring for Your Warehouse

The end of the year is rolling around, and warehouse businesses are looking to find ways to improve their facilities and flooring. But, value flooring isn’t enough. Flooring in a warehouse or industrial setting also has to be durable, clean, and safe.

Flake flooring fills that bill on many levels. First, flake flooring is a tremendous value. The polymer resin eliminates the ugly eyesore of plain concrete. It comes in an assortment of epoxy gorgeous colors, to which flake is added during the curing process. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider flake flooring for your commercial building.


Flake flooring is strong. It starts with your concrete base, and the resin cures rather than drying, so it creates a robust and durable layer for situations where a tough surface is required. It’s designed for conditions where regular flooring isn’t strong enough, and concrete is unsuitable. Flake flooring is hard to damage.


A clean warehouse facility is always a high priority. Most businesses want cleanliness but at a low cost. Flake flooring requires minimal maintenance and will always look great. It eliminates concrete dust. Your employees can turn their attention to the job rather than lowering productivity by spending inordinate amounts of time cleaning.

Chemical resistance

None of us want spills, and no one wants a chemical mess, but the reality is that it’s something with which a warehouse will have to contend.  Flake flooring is chemical resistant, meaning it will clean up beautifully without staining or holding on to spills, either chemicals or oils.


Not only will chemical spills wipe up quickly from a flake floor, but it will also provide a slip-resistant surface. No one ever wants an accident in their business, and flake flooring is a way to provide secure flooring and beauty at the same time. Debris is quickly whisked away with a push broom when necessary making it less likely to cause an accident.


If you’re looking for a way to boost morale, flake flooring can be the way to make that happen. Employees will feel a sense of pride in a clean, attractive warehouse. That pride can start with the creation of a flake floor, which can turn functional into fantastic at a reasonable cost and minimal maintenance. 

We can create the design you want, using line markings and color coordination as needed to delineate boundaries. People who visit or tour your warehouse will sense order and productivity in a facility which is clean and well-kept. Flake flooring catches the eye and offers the presence of professionalism and care, which will reflect well on your business.

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Why Epoxy Flooring Makes a Floor Look Great

Why Epoxy Flooring Makes a Floor Look Great

The epoxy coating floor process is quite detail-oriented compared to some flooring treatments. The goal of epoxy flooring is to achieve beauty through uniformity. If you watch a flooring company create epoxy flooring, you’ll notice that each step in attended to with precision, and that every square inch of the floor is treated with the same loving care.


The grinding step is the first, and it’s the step which eliminates the flaws and inconsistencies in the concrete. The grinding is a slow and laborious process, but in some ways, it’s the most important, because without getting down past the lumps and flaws, the surface won’t be smooth and even for the next step. 

Cleaning and repairing

The second phase is the removal or debris ground up during the grinding process. Once the floor is meticulously cleaned, remaining flaws are glaringly obvious. Most of these are cracks which were too deep to be eliminated by the grinding process. These are caulked with a filler until the floor is perfectly flat.


During the priming phase, a resin primer is applied as a base coat to the clean, smooth concrete. The primer covers any other anomalies such as discolorations and seals the caulked cracks until the entire floor is uniform with the primer. 

Once the primer has dried to a hard finish, it is buffed and then polished with a lightly abrasive polishing tool. The light abriding creates a surface which is highly prepared for adhesion. 

Epoxy coating

At last the epoxy coating is poured and smoothed over the entire floor. This is the step which brings out the beauty of the floor, but it isn’t the final step. The final step is a top coat of high-quality urethane. This top coat is much more durable than epoxy along, making the floor about to withstand heavy foot traffic. 

The top coat also gives the flooring its shine.

The reason that an epoxy coated flooring stands out is that it’s given a generous amount of  attention and care. The grinding, cleaning, repairing, priming, sanding, coating and top coating all work together to create a gorgeous floor a family or business can be proud of for years. 

Tile takes the existing flooring and covers it up. The same is true of carpeting and laminate. But, epoxy adheres to the floor itself. This fact alone makes it very strong and able to tolerate heavy traffic.

An epoxy flooring which is installed by professionals has some distinct advantages over DIY epoxy flooring. The kits available for doing the process yourself are lacking in quality and uniformity.  If a homeowner wants a garage floor which will have incredibly beauty, strength and longevity, professional installation is the way to go.

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Advantages of Epoxy Flooring for Your Business

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring for Your Business

A building represents a significant investment, which means that the manager of a building will want to go to great lengths to protect that investment. One such measure is to have an epoxy coating applied to the floor.

Why epoxy coating?

Coating a concrete floor seems like such a fuss. After all, concrete doesn’t seem like it needs anything. But, eventually, if the area is used for anything which requires reasonably clean storage or where there is foot traffic, the epoxy coating provides excellent flooring.

In addition to an attractive array of colors and styles, epoxy is durable. That means it is reasonably well impenetrable by oil, dirt, grease, moisture, and other products. It’s clean for many reasons.


One thing an epoxy coating will do is stop concrete dust.  Most people think a family garage is dusty because it’s outside. Upon review, that doesn’t make sense. Because a garage really shouldn’t get a lot dirtier than your home.  But, concrete floors stained, concrete dust, which means that everything on or around that concrete is going to get dusty in a hurry.

In addition to holding down dust, an epoxy color coating will also make everything easy to clean up  That means if you can spill it, you can wipe it off the epoxy layer, even if it’s sat a while. Epoxy doesn’t dry, per set cures. When water or another liquid with a slippery viscosity is spell onto the floor, it needs to be wiped up so no one can slip on it because epoxy is so impervious, spills don’t soak in! If you think it might be an issue, have us use acrylic flakes.


Epoxy coating seals small hairline cracks and imperfections, making the concrete smooth and elegant without being slippery. Epoxy doesn’t dry; it cures, giving it a far superior strength to paint and which holds up well to the wheels of rolling tool boxes and dollies. This strength is one reason a professional epoxy company is the best option: they know how to properly prepare the concrete before applying the epoxy, which will make the epoxy cling fiercely to the concrete.


Epoxy floors are gorgeous. There are many colors and options from which to choose, and the final product will last an average of 15 years if it’s treated with care.  Otherwise, just a dust mop and an occasional damp mop are all an epoxy floor needs.

When a business is looking for a strong, durable, long-lasting floor option which requires minimal maintenance, epoxy flooring is a great option. Epoxy floors add value to a building investment without slowing down the business with high maintenance and repairs.

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The Joy of Polished Concrete

The Joy of Polished Concrete

We were in a well-known restaurant last night which was getting ready to close. While we waited for our takeout order, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the employees was sweeping the polished concrete floor. Most owners of polished concrete use a dust mop through the heavily trafficked areas. This polished concrete floor was in an upscale eatery, where it is essential for the floor always to be as clean as possible.

As we watched, she used a soft, industrial-sized broom to swish around the chairs and tables. Everyone has swept a floor; face it, cleaning is a drudgery chore. But, because the concrete was polished and smooth, she had no problem coaxing the crumbs and detritus out from underneath the tables. Nothing stuck to the floor or had to be chased twice. A chore which is often done with resigned reluctance had become a pleasure for this young woman because she did it with such ease.

Stays Clean

Polished concrete is ground and honed, then polished to a high luster. The process creates a gorgeous finish, which doesn’t contain the cracks and inconsistencies of tile or vinyl. The result is a smooth, slip-free finish which creates a great layer upon which to build an eatery. Patrons can dine and spill food and beverages which are easily cleaned, and the floor remains relatively hygienic.

Because polished concrete is silky and flawless, the cleaning process takes only seconds, and there are no cracks or other anomalies in which spills can hide and collect to harden.  Even in establishments which have expansion cracks, since they’re few and far between, the cleaning process moves quickly.

Saves on maintenance

Every employee has chores which, while necessary, don’t constitute the more pleasurable parts of their job. But, the young woman sweeping in the eatery did so with such ease and grace. My companions and I, as well as other patrons, took pleasure in her joy as she fluttered around each table with her broom. 

In most businesses, the cleaning, while necessary, is a fiscal drain on resources better spent elsewhere, which makes a polished concrete floor an ongoing value. The hours spent cleaning grime from areas where it most certainly collects on tile floors, and other surfaces can be better spent running the business. 


While it doesn’t make sense to remodel to change to a polished concrete floor for ease of cleaning, it does make sense to redo the floor when it becomes worn and tired. In that case, polished concrete is indeed worthy of consideration as a new flooring option. Not only will it look fabulous and stay cleaner, but loose or broken tiles are never an issue with which the business will have to contend.

How to Clean Epoxy Flooring

How to Clean Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is an exciting option in flooring. It has a beautiful shine which will last for years with a minimal amount of maintenance. Today, we’re going to talk about methods and products to keep epoxy flooring looking its best.

Minimal cleaning

One of the best things about an epoxy floor is that it doesn’t stain.  Because it is high shine, it also cleans well with just a few tools and techniques. It will need some attention because it’s flooring and people’s shoes are dirty (Plus, that whole gravity thing means everything falls.) But, epoxy flooring is very easy to clean, and it stays clean for a long time.

One of the elements to caring for epoxy flooring is the relative ease of cleaning drips and spills. A spill can be wiped up quickly because they don’t penetrate the epoxy unless they’re allowed to sit, which will damage the surface. A rag or paper towel will wipe up most spills. If there is a bit of residue, a little window cleaner will take care of it. Since epoxy is cured, it isn’t prone to chipping or flaking. 

Regular cleaning tools

Almost everyone who cares for an epoxy floor uses a dust mop as the primary means of keeping surface dirt at bay. A big rectangular dust mop is the one used by most businesses and homeowners. If you have anti-slip texture, use a soft push broom brush. This website will tell you how to choose and use one which best suits the area. A push broom will also work.


A few times a year, the epoxy flooring should be cleaned with a wet mop. Move any clutter or items out of the way prior to beginning. Also, dust or sweep before mopping. Most people use a hard foam (sponge) or microfiber mop. The mop can be industrial or residential in size and should be rinsed frequently. A small amount (4 oz.) of ammonia or SImple Green per gallon of hot water will keep it looking its best. Do not overuse cleaning products as they can leave a residue. Use two buckets: one with the cleaning solution and one with hot rinse water.  Towel dry if needed.

Reasons to Epoxy Your Garage Floor

Reasons to Epoxy Your Garage Floor

One of the things a homeowner can choose to do is have epoxy applied to the floor of their garage. Homeowners who choose this option are always surprised by the number of benefits it offers. Epoxy is a tough, extremely versatile option which is easy care and will make the garage safer, cleaner, and more attractive at an affordable price. 

Easy to clean

Because the epoxy is smooth, it repels all car fluids, tire marks, and other incidentals which typically mar the floor of a concrete garage. Epoxy also covers surface flaws, making the whole surface stay cleaner because there are no cracks or crevices where dirt can lodge. Because it’s smooth, it also reflects light better, making the space brighter. A few swipes of a dust mop will usually take care of any surface dirt, automotive fluids wipe up quickly, and an overall mopping now and then will make the epoxy gleam.

No concrete dust

One of the drawbacks of concrete flooring is that concrete creates a lot of dust because of its composition. Once it’s covered with epoxy, concrete no longer produces the typical garage dust which covers anything stored in the garage, such as cars, boxes, tools, or a washer/dryer, in a layer of concrete dust. Because it’s no longer a problem, the dust which used to enter the home through the connecting garage door no longer wafts inward to add to the cleaning of the house.


Epoxy offers non-slip protection for those who aren’t quite as steady as they used to be, making it a terrific option for seniors, especially if they enjoy puttering around out in the garage or have their laundry facilities or hobbies stored there. Since epoxy reflects light, the area is brighter, making everything more visible.


One of the things about epoxy is that it is an economical means of achieving a clean, long-lasting surface. There is no need to replace tiles or regrout. Its impervious to stains, spots, and odors. It can be swept and mopped but requires very little more in the way of maintenance, which adds to its affordability. 


Epoxy comes in many colors and styles, meaning a variety of looks are available. Not only that, but the sharp, stylish look of epoxy will cover imperfections in a concrete floor, making the garage look upscale and trendy. The finish is durable, so it will last for several decades if it isn’t abused. Its one of the most economical means available to make an entire garage look exceptional and eliminate the need for constant cleaning of the contents. It is an excellent investment which offers a considerable return both by providing ease of living and in appeal if the homeowner decides to sell the property.