Is it Time for a Garage Upgrade?

Is it Time for a Garage Upgrade?

Our garages perform many great solutions to meet the needs of the average family. They store the vehicles. They act as a place to keep tools and even unused household items. They give us space to do hobbies and crafts. Sometimes, they give us a corner to do laundry or keep our trash cans. They act as an entrance and exit for 60% of the population. 

While they aren’t the hub of social interaction, they offer essential features which make upgrading the Tampa area garage a wise investment. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the things which will improve a garage area to increase it’s practical and aesthetic value.

Keep the garage door maintained

Perhaps the most essential function of the garage door is that it acts as an entrance and exit. By extension, it provides security and protection for family cars. None of this is possible or practical of the garage door is broken or poorly maintained. So, keep it working by testing it often and having it maintained regularly.


One of the functions of the garage is to provide secure, organized storage for household items which aren’t currently in use. By far, the easiest and most practical way to keep a garage organized is through the use of storage. Boxes tend to be unorganized, unattractive homes for vermin and insects, making shelving, garage cabinets and overhead storage an excellent investment. Garage storage solves many problems in a garage.

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is a highly favored upgrade among homeowners. It’s attractive, it keeps the contents of a garage clean, and it prevents the garage floor from damage and cracking. Epoxy comes in enough colors and styles to keep everyone happy, including flake, metallic, glitter, and quartz in addition to solid colors.  


Lighting in garages is characteristically dismal and unsuitable given the number of tasks performed by and in a garage. Garage lighting offers a significant improvement in a garage compared to the amount of money it costs to make the lighting in a garage magnificent. 

Upgrading the garage can make it a clean, tidy, well-lit, well-functioning space for whatever needs a homeowner may use it to fill. 


Whether you decide to paint the garage door, or the garage interior depends on if you’re looking for curb appeal or looking to upgrade the interior. Some homeowners want their garage to be a place where they can spend large amounts of time, so they will drywall and paint the interior to make it into a more comfortable living space. 

Regardless of what type of upgrades you decide to do to your garage will be determined by what you and your family use the area for and how liveable it should be to meet those needs.

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Concrete Polishing for Spring

Concrete Polishing for Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, offering hope for the future and all that entails. For many homeowners, it’s also a time to do some rejuvenating of their home and surroundings. Home upgrades can include polishing and sealing the floors in and around their house to create more beautiful living spaces.

Types of polishing

The Mohs hardness is tested first, as concrete can be different hardnesses and the hardness will determine how to proceed. Not surprisingly, there are several depths or cuts to which concrete can be polished. A homeowner might go with a cream polish, which is just the top, or a salt and pepper finish, which shows more, or aggregate, a deeply ground cut which shows a cross section of the inner concrete. Some concrete is made with decorative stone or recycled glass, making the aggregate cut a beautiful option. 

Polishing practices

By using different grits, the polishing process is a gradual one, starting with a coarse grit and gradually working toward the finer grits, creating a steady series of layer removal. As a result of this slow removal process, the finished product, while more labor intensive, is much stronger and a more stable refinement than one which is ground brutally or indiscriminately. 

The amount of polish is also a consideration. Some customers want a honed look, while some want a highly polished, glasslike finish — each type of polish influences the amount of light reflected by the floor. In the final phases of polishing, a sealer may be used to intensify the hardness of the finished product.


A polished concrete floor can be stained or dyed, which will add color to the concrete. It can also be scored, or patterns cut into the surface, creating more designs. 

If the concrete was poured to be polished, many things could be added into the mix which will affect the finished product. As another option, the top layer of the concrete can be dyed during the pouring process. 

Sometimes, there is the option to wet or dry polish the concrete. Wet or dry is subject to many factors, and each situation has different requirements.

Regardless of the grits used, the polishing, design, color, and cuts, the result is a low maintenance, gorgeous floor which is durable as well as beautiful. Polished concrete floors are notoriously low maintenance, and stay clean. If a homeowner is considering a polished concrete floor, it’s well worth the time to look at some different options before starting the project. Once it’s finished, it will be a floor your family or business can enjoy for years with minimal cleaning.

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Epoxy Flooring Your Garage Before a Home Renovation

Epoxy Flooring Your Garage Before a Home Renovation

Home renovation has become a hot item these days. People are no longer moving as readily as in years past. Generations of family members or bundling together more readily, which sometimes means a remodel is necessary to accommodate everyone.

But, before the contractor comes and starts ripping out walls, one of the wisest options a homeowner can exercise is to epoxy the garage floor. Here are the reasons that epoxying your garage floor before a home remodel will make a world of difference:

Less dirt

Remodeling is a dirty business. Dust is going to get everywhere in spite of your contractor and your best efforts. Concrete floors in a garage are dirty, but once an epoxy floor has cured, those dirty days in the garage are over. Because the garage space is cleaner, the homeowner has a place to store household items which were packed up in anticipation of the remodeling and can store them in the garage without having to fight concrete dust or resort to paying for storage to keep possessions clean.

More living space

While we don’t usually think of the garage as living space, it can become quite crucial in the event of a kitchen or bathroom remodel. For one thing, a remodeling crew is going to cramp the space a family has typically to spread out. But, perhaps even more essential is that the family can use the garage for a temporary kitchen or bath during the remodel.

Temporary kitchens can feature plug-in appliances, a small table, a mini-fridge, and more. The area can reflect the immediate needs of the family involved.

A temporary bathroom can be set up using a large tub for bathing, a camping potty for emergencies, and a bowl and mirror for shaving and other beauty routines. While it isn’t ideal, it will get the family through the worst of the reno without having to pay for an expensive motel or impose on friends or neighbors for temporary living quarters or middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. 

Added home value

Not only will an epoxy floor help the family through the process of a remodeling project, but it will also add long term value to the family home. Most remodeling is intended to be an upgrade of the house, and an epoxy floor in the garage is definitely in line with that goal. Once the renovation is complete, the epoxy floor will remain a beautiful addition to the garage for years to come.

Epoxy Flooring Outdoors

Epoxy Flooring Outdoors

Epoxy flooring has proven to be a popular option in garages and warehouses, but what about outdoors?  Is it acceptable to use epoxy flooring outdoors, and, if so, under what conditions?

We’re glad you asked that. 

Epoxy flooring has proven to be an amazing option for a variety of outdoor applications. Here are some of the reasons homeowners and businesses opt for epoxy flooring outdoors.


Curb appeal is an important part of neighborhood ambiance and property values. Concrete is a great hardscape, but in and of itself doesn’t add any particular appeal to the property. The colors available in epoxy flooring mean that it can be made to match existing architectural styles and features, either by blending seamlessly into the architecture or adding a bolder element. It transforms regularly concrete into an appealing addition to the outdoors.


Epoxy flooring can turn an expanse of ugly concrete or a walkway into a delightfully attractive alternative. But it’s also cleaner than straight concrete. Concrete dust and stains become a thing of the past. Epoxy flooring is also easy to clean when it does get dirty, which means it continues to be visually appealing over time.

Patios and porches

One of the most beautiful applications of epoxy flooring outdoors is when it is used on a patio or porch.  Besides being cleaner than concrete, epoxy flooring also sets off a patio or porch beautifully, giving the area a special appeal. Higher appeal means friends, family, and customers will want to spend more time on the patio or porch. For a homeowner, this translates to expanded living space. For a business owner, this translates into sales dollars.

Pool areas

Epoxy can be created to be a non-skid surface, which makes it a viable option for around the pool and other areas where the potential for water can make walking unsafe. Epoxy is UV resistant, as well, meaning you don’t have to worry about the toll sun can take on the surface. We just want to point out that epoxy coating doesn’t dry, it cures, so it’s a different material than paint or stain. This, it responds differently to the elements than paint or stain, which tends to flake or chip in the outdoors.

If you are considering upgrading your hardscaping, why not opt for epoxy flooring? Clean, beautiful epoxy in a plethora of colors can provide a clean, skid-free addition to concrete, which is actually 800 times stronger than concrete alone. These features mean epoxy provides viable solutions to some of the problems of concrete alone.

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Why Opt for Epoxy Flooring Now?

Why Opt for Epoxy Flooring Now?

The timing for home flooring projects, including epoxy flooring, and it’s cousin, polished or stained concrete, is at a premium just now. Here are some reasons this is an excellent time to consider epoxy flooring.

Better Weather

The cold weather is over, but the hot days of summer aren’t here yet. The best weather to cure epoxy is between 72 and 77 degrees. As the weather warms, we get closer to this ideal window, making this one of the two very best times of year to have epoxy flooring put in your home.

Fewer fiscal burdens

Financially this is a good time to install epoxy flooring, as well. The mad frenzy of holiday shopping is over. The worst of winter is behind us but the more massive summer electric bills aren’t in the mailbox. As a bonus, many people also use their income tax refund on home improvements, since it’s an addition to their regular income. The idea of buying something which lasts for years overrides the plan to buy a new set of tires or other short term gains.

Nicer home

One of the things which both concrete polishing, stained concrete, and epoxy flooring all provide is a gorgeous home improvement which enhances the living space for the inhabitants of the home. Whether it’s epoxy flooring in the garage or home office, or maybe even the front porch, the possibilities which epoxy flooring offers are endless. It doesn’t hurt that following the completion of these projects, they offer years of tough, durable flooring with easy minimal maintenance. Virtually no waxing, buffing, or grout cleaning is required, as a dust mop and occasionally damp mopping are all that is necessary.

No longer moving

The US population’s penchant for moving has declined steadily over the last two decades. Not only are they not moving between states, but they also aren’t even relocating across town. So, statistically speaking, unless a homeowner has their house on the market or is planning to sell it soon, it’s unlikely they will suddenly move. Millennials, in particular, are moving less than their older counterparts, not a trend one usually sees in the younger generation.

While housing costs continue to climb, the pace of building isn’t meeting it by any means, making a home an even better commodity than in years past, and making it a more worthy investment than ever before. Multi-home landlords who own dozens or hundreds of properties make the single-family homeowner a rare commodity. Those who do own a home are hanging onto them–as they well should. If you own a home, you’re one of a select group.

Whether you decide to have epoxy flooring, polished, or stained concrete, now is an excellent time of year to do it. If you’re considering one of these home projects, why not take the plunge and give us a call to set it up?

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Say Yes to Residential Epoxy Flooring!

Say Yes to Residential Epoxy Flooring!

People spend a significant amount of time in their home. Three essential components of a home are beauty, value, and ease of care. As epoxy flooring offers these traits, more Tampa homeowners are choosing epoxy flooring for more than just the family garage.

As families discover the joys of epoxy flooring, they’re asking to have it applied in kitchens, bedrooms, sunrooms, and living areas. Professionally applied epoxy flooring is a gorgeous flooring for residential use. Here are some reasons people are switching to epoxy flooring.

Clean living

People and pets can be messy, which translates to dirty floors. Homeowners want a home which has flooring that looks good, maybe even stunning. This conundrum can be resolved by applying epoxy flooring. It looks fantastic, is family friendly and easy to clean. There is nothing easier to clean than epoxy flooring.


Those who are sensitive to dust mites, mold, pollen, and pet dander suffer needlessly when these pathogens are in the home. Those with breathing issues love epoxy flooring because dirt has nowhere to hide. Unlike carpeting, which is a miniature forest of hiding places, or tile with its grungy grout, epoxy flooring won’t capture the bacteria and particulates that trigger allergies and asthma.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning is minimal with epoxy flooring. Beyond wiping up spills when they occur, a dust mop and the rare wet mop are all epoxy flooring needs. There is no need to buy expensive floor care products, either, since a little ammonia in the mop water is all that is required. For busy families, this leaves more time to enjoy one another and less time doing repetitive cleaning chores.

Strong surface

Kids and pets can be hard on floors. But, flooring which has scratches and chips doesn’t retain its original beauty. Epoxy flooring always looks good, even when junior decides to ride his scooter through the house or Dad drops his bowling ball. 


As more of our population ages, walkers and mobility scooters become more commonplace. It’s only natural for a homeowner who is thinking to the future to lean toward flooring which is slip resistant and won’t be damaged by an electric scooter. Epoxy flooring is easy to navigate for even the most mobility-compromised homeowner.

It’s an art

Epoxy flooring application is an art. We take our craft seriously and plan for every flooring job to be the most stunning work we’ve ever done. We can mix colors to make any shade combination you want. Some people choose white because epoxy is one of the few products which doesn’t ‘hold’ dirt. 

By meeting with a flooring professional, a homeowner can learn just exactly how many options are available and what the cost will be for their situation. Your home will never look the same again!

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Epoxy Flooring Signals The End of the Dirty Garage

Epoxy Flooring Signals The End of the Dirty Garage

By studying the history of the garage, it becomes possible to track the rise in the use of the garage as a storage and project space, and the reasons epoxy flooring gained such massive appeal in garage applications.


In the ’70s and ’80s, housing developments became popular. The architecture of homes changed, offering an attached garage which opened at the front of the home. Previously garages (and carriage houses before them) were located behind the house.  The new design was necessary to streamline traffic in housing developments. 

Whereas before that time, porches and social activities were in the front of the house, the garage pushed those things to the back of the home, creating much more family privacy and less social interaction between neighbors. Meanwhile, the front-facing garage became a significant part of the house architecture. The new standard consisted of a concrete driveway which ended inside to the concrete garage.

Rising affluence

As the economy spiraled upward, television became more influential in selling products. As people bought more and better stuff, they began to need a way to store all of it. Since the garage was now attached to the house, it became an ideal place to keep everything. The security of a garage door was a bonus. Washers, dryers, and hobby benches in the garage became commonplace.

But, the problem is that concrete is dirty and dull. It can chip, crack, and it’s hard to clean. 

The epoxy coating solution

Garage floor coatings solve many problems at once. The concrete no longer sheds dust. It’s easy to clean. Truthfully, the first attempts in the past were pretty awful. But progress in garage floor coatings has been massive. For example, epoxy coating is stronger than concrete against chips and cracks. Part of the reason is that after it’s applied epoxy coating doesn’t just dry. It cures into its final hardened state.

Color and texture options

Epoxy coatings can be solid colors or patterns or include flakes. There is no limit to the colors or combinations of colors, but the result is highly uniform and highly durable. The light produced by the uniformity of the epoxy surface enhances the ambiance of the garage.

Even when the surface of an epoxy floor is textured to avoid slips, it will be easy to clean. The homeowner can easily wipe epoxy clean of grease and fluids from vehicles.  Incessant scrubbing or harsh products are not required to keep the epoxy flooring clean. There is no need to apply it continuously the way one does floor wax.

Other applications

Professional epoxy flooring is stunning, even in a garage. It’s so remarkable that warehouses, businesses, and retail establishments like it because it holds up well even under extremely high foot traffic. Even homeowners are starting to have epoxy flooring applied in their homes.

But, for the average garage owner, having a professional epoxy garage floor solves the problems of concrete dust, tough cleaning, and the tendency of concrete to chip when an object is dropped on it. This creates a garage that is clean, comfortable, and useful for all manner of projects and hobbies. It’s even a great place to store the car.

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Families Choose Epoxy Flooring for Cleanliness and Convenience

Families Choose Epoxy Flooring for Cleanliness and Convenience

It’s no secret that cleaning specialists everywhere will tell you that the majority of dirt which enters the home does so at the front door.  Cleaning blogs everywhere pontificate on the beauty of good welcome mats, entry rugs, ‘shoeless zones,’ and other tricks designed to prevent family and friends from tracking gunk in. 

In her new comedy special “Relevant’, Ellen Degeneres talks about how people own a favorite pair of socks, and even when they get holes in them big enough to make them look bad, we still wear them. (Not giving the jokes away!)  Suffice to say that everyone isn’t thrilled at the idea of walking around your home without their shoes. The solution may be epoxy flooring. 

Because cleaning should be easy

Families are no longer willing to ask for the commitment of one person to stay at home all day and keep the house clean. It isn’t practical or fun, nor should it be necessary any longer with the materials and technology we have at our disposal. Even those who choose to remain at home have better things to do with their time than vacuuming, spot cleaning, mopping, or waxing a floor. 

Because a family is messy

Families need a floor which is easy to clean and resists spills. The odors associated with spilling on carpeting or other porous floorings can also sometimes be an issue. When children are young, they can be a bit messy before they learn coordination, and even the most well-controlled pet will still occasionally have an accident or muddy paws.  Instead of spending time fretting, or settling for flooring that is less than gorgeous, homeowners are finding that the initial cost of epoxy flooring saves them years of cleaning and scolding. Nor must they resort to floorings such as linoleum or laminate, which has to be replaced, or tile with grout, which can be a cleaning project, and has to be regrouted periodically.

Epoxy flooring, makes dirt and spills easy to clean, is a hygienic, non-slip option that families love because it will always be easy to care for and still look elegant. The expense of installation is more than made up for by the lack of time, tools, machinery, and cleaning products which other flooring options require.

Many options and benefits

The color options of epoxy flooring mean that anyone can find an epoxy coating which will suit their taste and decor needs. Because epoxy is durable and attractive, it will retain its value long after the carpeting is threadbare and the laminate is scuffed. Even hardwoods and vinyl do not compare to the value of epoxy flooring. Epoxy also protects the underlying concrete from moisture and cracking. Because it is seamless, it offers excellent hygienic properties.

When a family is in the market for flooring epoxy coating is an option which is worthy of consideration. Because of the benefits it provides, it rates the extra capital outlay.

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Benefits of Flake Flooring for Your Warehouse

Benefits of Flake Flooring for Your Warehouse

The end of the year is rolling around, and warehouse businesses are looking to find ways to improve their facilities and flooring. But, value flooring isn’t enough. Flooring in a warehouse or industrial setting also has to be durable, clean, and safe.

Flake flooring fills that bill on many levels. First, flake flooring is a tremendous value. The polymer resin eliminates the ugly eyesore of plain concrete. It comes in an assortment of epoxy gorgeous colors, to which flake is added during the curing process. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider flake flooring for your commercial building.


Flake flooring is strong. It starts with your concrete base, and the resin cures rather than drying, so it creates a robust and durable layer for situations where a tough surface is required. It’s designed for conditions where regular flooring isn’t strong enough, and concrete is unsuitable. Flake flooring is hard to damage.


A clean warehouse facility is always a high priority. Most businesses want cleanliness but at a low cost. Flake flooring requires minimal maintenance and will always look great. It eliminates concrete dust. Your employees can turn their attention to the job rather than lowering productivity by spending inordinate amounts of time cleaning.

Chemical resistance

None of us want spills, and no one wants a chemical mess, but the reality is that it’s something with which a warehouse will have to contend.  Flake flooring is chemical resistant, meaning it will clean up beautifully without staining or holding on to spills, either chemicals or oils.


Not only will chemical spills wipe up quickly from a flake floor, but it will also provide a slip-resistant surface. No one ever wants an accident in their business, and flake flooring is a way to provide secure flooring and beauty at the same time. Debris is quickly whisked away with a push broom when necessary making it less likely to cause an accident.


If you’re looking for a way to boost morale, flake flooring can be the way to make that happen. Employees will feel a sense of pride in a clean, attractive warehouse. That pride can start with the creation of a flake floor, which can turn functional into fantastic at a reasonable cost and minimal maintenance. 

We can create the design you want, using line markings and color coordination as needed to delineate boundaries. People who visit or tour your warehouse will sense order and productivity in a facility which is clean and well-kept. Flake flooring catches the eye and offers the presence of professionalism and care, which will reflect well on your business.

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Why Epoxy Flooring Makes a Floor Look Great

Why Epoxy Flooring Makes a Floor Look Great

The epoxy coating floor process is quite detail-oriented compared to some flooring treatments. The goal of epoxy flooring is to achieve beauty through uniformity. If you watch a flooring company create epoxy flooring, you’ll notice that each step in attended to with precision, and that every square inch of the floor is treated with the same loving care.


The grinding step is the first, and it’s the step which eliminates the flaws and inconsistencies in the concrete. The grinding is a slow and laborious process, but in some ways, it’s the most important, because without getting down past the lumps and flaws, the surface won’t be smooth and even for the next step. 

Cleaning and repairing

The second phase is the removal or debris ground up during the grinding process. Once the floor is meticulously cleaned, remaining flaws are glaringly obvious. Most of these are cracks which were too deep to be eliminated by the grinding process. These are caulked with a filler until the floor is perfectly flat.


During the priming phase, a resin primer is applied as a base coat to the clean, smooth concrete. The primer covers any other anomalies such as discolorations and seals the caulked cracks until the entire floor is uniform with the primer. 

Once the primer has dried to a hard finish, it is buffed and then polished with a lightly abrasive polishing tool. The light abriding creates a surface which is highly prepared for adhesion. 

Epoxy coating

At last the epoxy coating is poured and smoothed over the entire floor. This is the step which brings out the beauty of the floor, but it isn’t the final step. The final step is a top coat of high-quality urethane. This top coat is much more durable than epoxy along, making the floor about to withstand heavy foot traffic. 

The top coat also gives the flooring its shine.

The reason that an epoxy coated flooring stands out is that it’s given a generous amount of  attention and care. The grinding, cleaning, repairing, priming, sanding, coating and top coating all work together to create a gorgeous floor a family or business can be proud of for years. 

Tile takes the existing flooring and covers it up. The same is true of carpeting and laminate. But, epoxy adheres to the floor itself. This fact alone makes it very strong and able to tolerate heavy traffic.

An epoxy flooring which is installed by professionals has some distinct advantages over DIY epoxy flooring. The kits available for doing the process yourself are lacking in quality and uniformity.  If a homeowner wants a garage floor which will have incredibly beauty, strength and longevity, professional installation is the way to go.

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