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How To Remove Tiles From Your Home

How To Remove Tiles From Your Home

Tiles make great additions to any home, but styles change frequently. Because of this, tiles can date a home. Outgrowing a style is likely when people use one-of-a-kind designs. It’s only a matter of time before the homeowner wants a change, or new buyers feel compelled to update the space by looking for tile removal Tampa services. Tiles can also crack, which can create hazards if not handled quickly.

Tile Removal Tampa Tips for Homeowners

When removing tiles from your home, the first thing you need to determine is why. Are you only planning to fix the tiles? Do you need to update the entire set? Are you ready to try something new, such as custom epoxy flooring? Once you decide what you plan to do after removal, it becomes a little easier to move forward.

1. Dress for the Occasion

Tile Removal Tampa Tips

Removing tiles on your own can be a dusty process. You also run the risk of cutting yourself. Because of this, wear a dust mask, eye protector, and work gloves. You may also consider wearing overalls or clothes that you don’t mind potentially damaging.

2. Remove the Grout

Grout secures tiles in place and connects each piece to the next. You need a rotary tool or grout saw to cut into the grout and start separating tiles. Cut as deeply into the tile as you can, but be mindful of the wall or floor structure behind it. Some of the tiles may chip, crack, or break. You may also need someone to stay close by with a hand vacuum to get rid of the dust.

3. Break Up the Old Tile

Use a suitable tool to hit the center of the tile to cause it to break it up. Some contractors or DIYers like to use a cold chisel. You can place this in the center of the tile and then hammer it. You can also do this at the diagonal ends of the tiles to make the tile removal Tampa process a little easier.

4. Remove the Old Mortar

Whether you plan to put tiles back on or use something else, it is important to remove the old mortar. This creates a clean and even surface for you to work with. A bricklayer’s chisel is a great tool for removing the mortar, too. 

How To Get Dust Free Tile Removal Tampa Services

If you worry about the dust in your home and vacuuming up the dust does not do the job well enough for you, consider hiring contractors. These professionals have years of experience, and all the expensive tools required to minimize dust in your home. If you need tile removal Tampa services, they also have enough manpower to turn a long, painstaking process into a few hours of work.

In some cases, getting rid of the tiles is part of your floor removal Tampa project. Floor tiles are often much easier to remove because previous contractors may have installed them on subfloors. When this is the case, contractors may have the option of simply removing the entire subfloor with the tiles in place.

What Floor Options To Consider After Removing Tiles

Most people only remove tiles to replace them with a new set. However, if you remain openminded to other options, there are many to choose from. Consider your needs and preferences versus the pros and cons of each option:

Floor Options To Consider After Removing Tiles
  • Hardwood: The wood-grain is beautiful and adds warmth to the design of the home, but they often scratch easily and require a lot of maintenance.
  • Carpet: Carpets provide additional insulation value and feel more comfortable beneath your feet, but they trap allergens, are a pain to clean, and need to be replaced often.
  • Vinyl or Linoleum: You can get virtually any pattern printed as vinyl or linoleum, but some are not as durable as other material options.
  • Epoxy: The fact that epoxy floors were first common in industrial applications speaks to the durability, but new design developments have made epoxy more compatible with home decor.

Despite the beauty of tiles in your home, grout makes it difficult to keep them clean. Custom epoxy flooring makes it possible for you to get virtually any tile-design you want without the grout. Does this sound like something you would like to learn more about? Check out some of our favorite projects and then give us a call at 813-358-3100.

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Prepping Your Floor For Epoxy: 5 Steps You Must Take

Prepping Your Floor For Epoxy: 5 Steps You Must Take

Epoxy coating is a popular and durable floor treatment when applied after proper tile removal Tampa. Epoxy repels dirt, grease, and oil, making it an excellent choice for many commercial, industrial, or garage applications. Additionally, it is suitable for even the highest traffic locations. It offers an attractive finish that can withstand years of use without showing age. However, an epoxy floor is only as good as the work that goes into cleaning and prepping the surface. Premier Epoxy offers dust-free tile removal Tampa that can get you started on the way to a beautiful, lasting new floor finish.  

1. Remove the Old Floor

Demolition is the crucial first step in the preparation process. Every trace of old flooring must be carefully removed, whether it is carpet, linoleum, or tiles. Our specialized equipment, dubbed “the Terminator,” easily breaks up old floor coverings for efficient removal. It has an extended battery life, so most tile removal Tampa jobs can be done in a single day. If there is an additional underlayment, that will also be lifted at this stage. 

2. Fix any Imperfections

tile removal tampa

Tile removal Tampa is just the first step in a fairly involved preparation process. Once the old flooring has been removed, we can get to work assessing the underlying concrete surface. While thick tiles might cover minor imperfections like slightly elevated or low spots, epoxy acts more like a paint and will not help level these uneven areas. Any considerable flaws must also be addressed, such as cracks, gashes, or gouges. If left unrepaired, these cracks can get larger over time, ruining the integrity and appearance of your new epoxy floor. 

At Premier Epoxy, we will carefully inspect the entire concrete surface as part of our dust-free tile removal Tampa process. Any areas of concern will be patched and leveled. The result is a smooth finish that is ready to be carefully cleaned and sealed. 

3. Thoroughly Clean the Area

Even with our dust-free removal process, picking up old flooring can make quite a mess. You have demolition debris pieces of old tile or carpet, not to mention fine dust that can escape vacuum equipment. That’s why it is so essential for the entire area that is getting epoxy to be cleaned and free of dust and debris before any final preparations. If necessary, a mild acid solution will be used to ensure the concrete is thoroughly clean and ready for its final coating. 

4. Prepare the Surface 

cracked tile

Part of the appeal of epoxy is that it offers a long-lasting solution. However, that is dependent on the sealer being able to penetrate and bond with the concrete. Creating a surface that is free of any dust or sealers allows this to happen. Once clean, the concrete will need to be etched as a final preparation step. This opens up the pores, so the epoxy can fully penetrate the concrete and create a strong seal. 

Commercial grinders fitted with diamond blades are often used to etch the surface. Hydroblasting is also effective at removing any old sealers or coatings that persist. There are many risks associated with blasting processes, and they should only be done by professionals who are familiar with the equipment and procedures. After the floor is etched, a final inspection is performed where any imperfections will be addressed before work is done. 

5. Apply the Coating

Once the floor is prepped, we can begin the application process. A primer is applied first, which allows maximum adhesion for the subsequent coats. It generally takes two to three coats of resin to get a solid base layer of epoxy. Any desired decorative elements can be added to the final layer. Once that is complete, a topcoat is used to create a durable and lasting seal. The finished floor will then be cured and ready for use 72 hours after the final coat is applied.  Whether you are interested in sealing floors in part a residential, commercial, or industrial setting, Premier Epoxy can help. We offer the highest quality epoxy floor coatings and tile removal Tampa, so you know the job will be done right the first time. Contact us online or at (813) 358-3100 to learn more and get a free quote for your project. 

Prepping Your Floor For Epoxy: 5 Steps You Must Take | Premier Epoxy Tampa — Tampa, Florida