How to Get the Best Epoxy Flooring Results

How to Get the Best Epoxy Flooring Results

Everyone wants their epoxy flooring to look its best. After all, it’s going to last for years, so it’s essential that the product is high-quality.

As epoxy flooring installation professionals, it’s in our best interest for the customer to get the most beautiful flooring possible. For us, every job represents us and the kind of work we do. Today, we’re going to talk about how to get the best possible epoxy flooring for your home or business.

Know what you want

One of the best ways to get the epoxy flooring you want is to know what you’re getting. By looking at pictures and samples, it will give you an understanding of the product color and style. If you can see it in person, that’s even better. Once you choose your epoxy, understand that it will look unique in your situation, since factors such as lighting will affect the color. 

Talk with your flooring company and go over the area you want them to epoxy and other factors. Being on the same page is an essential part of the epoxy floor process, so it’s vital not to leave the consultation up to your spouse or business partner.

Moderate weather is ideal

If you want the floor work to be performed under ideal conditions, have the floor epoxy company do the job when the weather is between 72 and 77 degrees, which is the perfect temperature range. The reason is that epoxy flooring doesn’t ‘dry,’ it cures. Ideal conditions make for the best possible outcome, and when you spend your money on flooring which is going to last for years, it seems reasonable to want it to look its best.

Hire the pros

Pros have the tools, the experience, and the knowledge to apply to epoxy flooring installation. Some DIY enthusiasts will tell you how easy it is to do your own epoxy flooring, but the reality falls short of idealism in this case. 

Let the flooring area undisturbed

During the preparation part of epoxy flooring, the area has to be completely clean and free from all sources of contaminants. Also, each floor is unique, and, we consider it a form of artwork. 

When the flooring crew is in the process of preparing and pouring the floor, and during the curing process, every visitor brings the potential for dirt particles. These aren’t ideal for the epoxy flooring process. Once it’s finished, the homeowner or business can enjoy it for years; but before that, visitors during the installation process can make for less than optimal conditions. 

If you’re considering an epoxy flooring in your garage or any other area of your home or business, these tips will help the job go smoother and the final result will be everything you wanted.

Is it Time for a Garage Upgrade?

Is it Time for a Garage Upgrade?

Our garages perform many great solutions to meet the needs of the average family. They store the vehicles. They act as a place to keep tools and even unused household items. They give us space to do hobbies and crafts. Sometimes, they give us a corner to do laundry or keep our trash cans. They act as an entrance and exit for 60% of the population. 

While they aren’t the hub of social interaction, they offer essential features which make upgrading the Tampa area garage a wise investment. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the things which will improve a garage area to increase it’s practical and aesthetic value.

Keep the garage door maintained

Perhaps the most essential function of the garage door is that it acts as an entrance and exit. By extension, it provides security and protection for family cars. None of this is possible or practical of the garage door is broken or poorly maintained. So, keep it working by testing it often and having it maintained regularly.


One of the functions of the garage is to provide secure, organized storage for household items which aren’t currently in use. By far, the easiest and most practical way to keep a garage organized is through the use of storage. Boxes tend to be unorganized, unattractive homes for vermin and insects, making shelving, garage cabinets and overhead storage an excellent investment. Garage storage solves many problems in a garage.

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is a highly favored upgrade among homeowners. It’s attractive, it keeps the contents of a garage clean, and it prevents the garage floor from damage and cracking. Epoxy comes in enough colors and styles to keep everyone happy, including flake, metallic, glitter, and quartz in addition to solid colors.  


Lighting in garages is characteristically dismal and unsuitable given the number of tasks performed by and in a garage. Garage lighting offers a significant improvement in a garage compared to the amount of money it costs to make the lighting in a garage magnificent. 

Upgrading the garage can make it a clean, tidy, well-lit, well-functioning space for whatever needs a homeowner may use it to fill. 


Whether you decide to paint the garage door, or the garage interior depends on if you’re looking for curb appeal or looking to upgrade the interior. Some homeowners want their garage to be a place where they can spend large amounts of time, so they will drywall and paint the interior to make it into a more comfortable living space. 

Regardless of what type of upgrades you decide to do to your garage will be determined by what you and your family use the area for and how liveable it should be to meet those needs.

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