Epoxy Flooring Outdoors

Epoxy Flooring Outdoors

Epoxy flooring has proven to be a popular option in garages and warehouses, but what about outdoors?  Is it acceptable to use epoxy flooring outdoors, and, if so, under what conditions?

We’re glad you asked that. 

Epoxy flooring has proven to be an amazing option for a variety of outdoor applications. Here are some of the reasons homeowners and businesses opt for epoxy flooring outdoors.


Curb appeal is an important part of neighborhood ambiance and property values. Concrete is a great hardscape, but in and of itself doesn’t add any particular appeal to the property. The colors available in epoxy flooring mean that it can be made to match existing architectural styles and features, either by blending seamlessly into the architecture or adding a bolder element. It transforms regularly concrete into an appealing addition to the outdoors.


Epoxy flooring can turn an expanse of ugly concrete or a walkway into a delightfully attractive alternative. But it’s also cleaner than straight concrete. Concrete dust and stains become a thing of the past. Epoxy flooring is also easy to clean when it does get dirty, which means it continues to be visually appealing over time.

Patios and porches

One of the most beautiful applications of epoxy flooring outdoors is when it is used on a patio or porch.  Besides being cleaner than concrete, epoxy flooring also sets off a patio or porch beautifully, giving the area a special appeal. Higher appeal means friends, family, and customers will want to spend more time on the patio or porch. For a homeowner, this translates to expanded living space. For a business owner, this translates into sales dollars.

Pool areas

Epoxy can be created to be a non-skid surface, which makes it a viable option for around the pool and other areas where the potential for water can make walking unsafe. Epoxy is UV resistant, as well, meaning you don’t have to worry about the toll sun can take on the surface. We just want to point out that epoxy coating doesn’t dry, it cures, so it’s a different material than paint or stain. This, it responds differently to the elements than paint or stain, which tends to flake or chip in the outdoors.

If you are considering upgrading your hardscaping, why not opt for epoxy flooring? Clean, beautiful epoxy in a plethora of colors can provide a clean, skid-free addition to concrete, which is actually 800 times stronger than concrete alone. These features mean epoxy provides viable solutions to some of the problems of concrete alone.

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Why Opt for Epoxy Flooring Now?

Why Opt for Epoxy Flooring Now?

The timing for home flooring projects, including epoxy flooring, and it’s cousin, polished or stained concrete, is at a premium just now. Here are some reasons this is an excellent time to consider epoxy flooring.

Better Weather

The cold weather is over, but the hot days of summer aren’t here yet. The best weather to cure epoxy is between 72 and 77 degrees. As the weather warms, we get closer to this ideal window, making this one of the two very best times of year to have epoxy flooring put in your home.

Fewer fiscal burdens

Financially this is a good time to install epoxy flooring, as well. The mad frenzy of holiday shopping is over. The worst of winter is behind us but the more massive summer electric bills aren’t in the mailbox. As a bonus, many people also use their income tax refund on home improvements, since it’s an addition to their regular income. The idea of buying something which lasts for years overrides the plan to buy a new set of tires or other short term gains.

Nicer home

One of the things which both concrete polishing, stained concrete, and epoxy flooring all provide is a gorgeous home improvement which enhances the living space for the inhabitants of the home. Whether it’s epoxy flooring in the garage or home office, or maybe even the front porch, the possibilities which epoxy flooring offers are endless. It doesn’t hurt that following the completion of these projects, they offer years of tough, durable flooring with easy minimal maintenance. Virtually no waxing, buffing, or grout cleaning is required, as a dust mop and occasionally damp mopping are all that is necessary.

No longer moving

The US population’s penchant for moving has declined steadily over the last two decades. Not only are they not moving between states, but they also aren’t even relocating across town. So, statistically speaking, unless a homeowner has their house on the market or is planning to sell it soon, it’s unlikely they will suddenly move. Millennials, in particular, are moving less than their older counterparts, not a trend one usually sees in the younger generation.

While housing costs continue to climb, the pace of building isn’t meeting it by any means, making a home an even better commodity than in years past, and making it a more worthy investment than ever before. Multi-home landlords who own dozens or hundreds of properties make the single-family homeowner a rare commodity. Those who do own a home are hanging onto them–as they well should. If you own a home, you’re one of a select group.

Whether you decide to have epoxy flooring, polished, or stained concrete, now is an excellent time of year to do it. If you’re considering one of these home projects, why not take the plunge and give us a call to set it up?

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