Why Epoxy Flooring Makes a Floor Look Great

Why Epoxy Flooring Makes a Floor Look Great

The epoxy coating floor process is quite detail-oriented compared to some flooring treatments. The goal of epoxy flooring is to achieve beauty through uniformity. If you watch a flooring company create epoxy flooring, you’ll notice that each step in attended to with precision, and that every square inch of the floor is treated with the same loving care.


The grinding step is the first, and it’s the step which eliminates the flaws and inconsistencies in the concrete. The grinding is a slow and laborious process, but in some ways, it’s the most important, because without getting down past the lumps and flaws, the surface won’t be smooth and even for the next step. 

Cleaning and repairing

The second phase is the removal or debris ground up during the grinding process. Once the floor is meticulously cleaned, remaining flaws are glaringly obvious. Most of these are cracks which were too deep to be eliminated by the grinding process. These are caulked with a filler until the floor is perfectly flat.


During the priming phase, a resin primer is applied as a base coat to the clean, smooth concrete. The primer covers any other anomalies such as discolorations and seals the caulked cracks until the entire floor is uniform with the primer. 

Once the primer has dried to a hard finish, it is buffed and then polished with a lightly abrasive polishing tool. The light abriding creates a surface which is highly prepared for adhesion. 

Epoxy coating

At last the epoxy coating is poured and smoothed over the entire floor. This is the step which brings out the beauty of the floor, but it isn’t the final step. The final step is a top coat of high-quality urethane. This top coat is much more durable than epoxy along, making the floor about to withstand heavy foot traffic. 

The top coat also gives the flooring its shine.

The reason that an epoxy coated flooring stands out is that it’s given a generous amount of  attention and care. The grinding, cleaning, repairing, priming, sanding, coating and top coating all work together to create a gorgeous floor a family or business can be proud of for years. 

Tile takes the existing flooring and covers it up. The same is true of carpeting and laminate. But, epoxy adheres to the floor itself. This fact alone makes it very strong and able to tolerate heavy traffic.

An epoxy flooring which is installed by professionals has some distinct advantages over DIY epoxy flooring. The kits available for doing the process yourself are lacking in quality and uniformity.  If a homeowner wants a garage floor which will have incredibly beauty, strength and longevity, professional installation is the way to go.

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Advantages of Epoxy Flooring for Your Business

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring for Your Business

A building represents a significant investment, which means that the manager of a building will want to go to great lengths to protect that investment. One such measure is to have an epoxy coating applied to the floor.

Why epoxy coating?

Coating a concrete floor seems like such a fuss. After all, concrete doesn’t seem like it needs anything. But, eventually, if the area is used for anything which requires reasonably clean storage or where there is foot traffic, the epoxy coating provides excellent flooring.

In addition to an attractive array of colors and styles, epoxy is durable. That means it is reasonably well impenetrable by oil, dirt, grease, moisture, and other products. It’s clean for many reasons.


One thing an epoxy coating will do is stop concrete dust.  Most people think a family garage is dusty because it’s outside. Upon review, that doesn’t make sense. Because a garage really shouldn’t get a lot dirtier than your home.  But, concrete floors stained, concrete dust, which means that everything on or around that concrete is going to get dusty in a hurry.

In addition to holding down dust, an epoxy color coating will also make everything easy to clean up  That means if you can spill it, you can wipe it off the epoxy layer, even if it’s sat a while. Epoxy doesn’t dry, per set cures. When water or another liquid with a slippery viscosity is spell onto the floor, it needs to be wiped up so no one can slip on it because epoxy is so impervious, spills don’t soak in! If you think it might be an issue, have us use acrylic flakes.


Epoxy coating seals small hairline cracks and imperfections, making the concrete smooth and elegant without being slippery. Epoxy doesn’t dry; it cures, giving it a far superior strength to paint and which holds up well to the wheels of rolling tool boxes and dollies. This strength is one reason a professional epoxy company is the best option: they know how to properly prepare the concrete before applying the epoxy, which will make the epoxy cling fiercely to the concrete.


Epoxy floors are gorgeous. There are many colors and options from which to choose, and the final product will last an average of 15 years if it’s treated with care.  Otherwise, just a dust mop and an occasional damp mop are all an epoxy floor needs.

When a business is looking for a strong, durable, long-lasting floor option which requires minimal maintenance, epoxy flooring is a great option. Epoxy floors add value to a building investment without slowing down the business with high maintenance and repairs.

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